State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
               U.S. Courthouse - Rooms 1534-1540
                      312 N. Spring Street
                        Los Angeles, CA
                         August 9, 1972
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Approval of Minutes of Meetings - July 12 & 19, 1972.

2.   Consideration of Implementation Plan Items Not Yet Approved
     by EPA. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Harmon Wong-Woo

     a.   Items Submitted to EPA and Correspondence to Local
          Agencies Regarding EPA's Actions.
     b.   Emergency Plan.
     c.   Regulation on NOx Emission from Stationary Sources in
          South Coast Air Basin.
     d.   Permit System That Takes Air Quality Standards Into
     e.   Emission Data and Procedure for Making the Data
          Available to the Public.

3.   Discussion of Major Budget Proposals 
     for 1973-74 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . George J. Taylor

4.   Report on Enforcement Actions Under Health & Safety Code -
     San Benito County (Cement Plant). . . . . . .Harmon Wong-Woo

5.   Consideration of Exempting Vehicles Under the Attorney
     General's Opinion on Vacuum Spark Advance 
     Disconnect. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C.W. Simmons

6.   Reports by AQP and GM on Installation Schedule for 1955-1965
     Used Vehicles.

7.   Other Business -

     a.   Suggested Dates and Places for Future ARB Meetings.
     b.   Suggested Special Items for Hearings by the ARB.
     c.   Request to DMV, CHP, and Consumer Affairs to Designate
          Representatives to Interagency Enforcement Committee.
     d.   Report from Research Screening Committee.
     e.   Other Items.

8.   Remarks from the Audience.


Revisions of State Implementation Plan Which Have Been
Transmitted to EPA.


No Board Action Required.


In the May 31, 1972 Federal Register, "Approval and Promulgation
of Implementation Plans," EPA approved the State Implementation
Plan with certain exceptions.  Among these exceptions were the
rules and regulations of the local districts.  EPA indicated that
many local districts did not have adequate rules and regulations,
particularly rules for the control of particulate matter
emissions.  EPA also identified deficiencies in the State's air
quality monitoring network.  Specifically, EPA stated the State
Plan does not specify which air quality monitoring stations are
designated for monitoring in an area of maximum pollutant
concentrations and the proposed network does not provide for the
required number of samplers in all regions.  Also, EPA indicated
that the plan did not adequately describe the methods of
sampling, analysis, data handling, and data analysis, and, does
not provide for air quality monitoring during an emergency


State Emergency Episode Plan.


The Air Resources Board hold a public hearing at its September
12, 1972 meeting on the proposed Air Pollution Emergency Episode


The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) requirements for the
preparation, adoption, and submittal of implementation plans
require that emergency episode plans be prepared for eight of
California's eleven air basins.  The Governor, in his
administrative order 72-3 directed the Board (ARB) to work with
the Office of Emergency Services (OES) and local agencies to
develop an air pollution emergency plan.


Regulations for control of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from
nonvehicular sources in the South Coast Air Basin.

                      STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS

The ARB should hold a special meeting in the South Coast Air
Basin to consider the feasibility of more stringent rules for NOx
control on existing sources.  The staff suggests that the Board
consider inviting to the meeting representatives from local
control districts, electric power companies, operators of FCC
units, builders of large steam generators, and environmental


Permit System That Takes into Consideration the Degradation of
Air Quality.


To be made at the Meeting after Conference with Local Agencies.


Providing for Public Availability of Emission Data.


Local Districts Should Establish Procedures to Make Emission Data
Available to the Public.


The November 25, 1971 Federal Register, "Requirements for
preparation, Adoption, and Submittal of Implementation Plans,"
requires that emission data be made available to the public. 
Section 51.10(e) states: "Each plan shall provide for public
availability of emission data reported by source owners or
operators or otherwise obtained by a State or local agency.  Such
emission data shall be correlated with applicable emission
limitations or other measures."  The Plan is also required to
show that the State has the legal authority to make such emission
data, correlated with any applicable emission standards or
limitations, available to the public (Section 51.11(a)(6)).


Major Budget Proposals for FY 1973-74.


The preparation of the 1973-74 budget begins about at the onset
of the 1972-73 fiscal year.  The ARB staff must currently
consider what program changes will affect the FY 1973-74 budget
and estimate the probable cost or savings involved.

(Continued in Board Book).


Emissions from the Ideal Cement Company, San Juan Bautista, San
Benito County.


Should the Air Resources Board hold a public hearing to determine
what steps should be taken to control emission from the Ideal
Cement Company, San Benito County?


The current variance will expire on September 23, 1972.

The Air Resources Board should schedule a public hearing as
authorized by Section 39054 of the California Health and Safety
Code if (attached Resolution 72-105) the variance is renewed
without a specific satisfactory compliance schedule commitment
from the company.