State of California
                            AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                            State Office Building
                      455 Golden Gate Avenue, Room 1194
                              San Francisco, CA
                                July 18, 1973
                                  9:30 a.m.

73-17-1   Approval of Minutes of June 7 and June 20, Meeting.

73-17-2   Report of Staff Action to Implement Board Resolution
          Concerning Re-Examination of Accredited NOx Devices.

          (A)  Proposed Revision to NOx Test Procedure.
          (B)  Report of Emissions and Control Committee
               Concerning Adverse Effects.
               Consideration of Proposed Modifications of
               Accredited NOx Devices and Requests to Drop
               Administrative Hearing.
               1.   STP Corporation
               2.   Carter Carburetor
               3.   Air Quality Products, Inc.
                    (a)  Kar-Kit
                    (b)  Pure Power

73-17-3   Status Report on Control of Vehicle Refueling

73-17-4   Status Report on Atmospheric Chemistry Studies.

73-17-5   Report on Emissions from Vehicles Equipped with UPO's
          Catalytic Device.

73-17-6   Other Business.

73-17-7   Remarks from Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

                        ITEM NO.:  73-17-2

Report of Staff Action to Implementation Board Decision
Concerning Re-Examination of Accredited NOx Control Devices.


Adopt proposed restriction of basic timing spark retard if
Board's criterion on qualifying NOx control is to be met.


The attached staff report describes actions taken by the staff to
implement Resolution 73-27-C.  The effect of Resolution 73-27-c
on each accredited device is discussed.  Data concerning the
effect of spark retard beyond VSAD on exhaust gas temperature,
fuel consumption, and NOx reduction are presented.  A staff
proposal to restrict the amount of spark retard of basic timing
is also presented.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-17-3

Status Report on Control of Vehicle Refueling Emissions.


None.  This is a staff status report.


Four air pollution control districts have adopted rules governing
vapor losses during service station and/or vehicle tank refueling
and an assembly bill of a similar nature has been introduced in
the legislature and recommended for approval by the staff.  A
number of systems have been built in these districts and several
studies instituted in order to explore cost-effectiveness and
feasibility of vapor recovery systems.  This report describes the
legislation, engineering systems and the various efforts and
studies to control organic vapors during the refueling process.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-17-4

Status Report on Atmospheric Studies.  The 1973 Los Angeles
Reactive Pollution Study.


None.  This is an information report.


In 1968-69 the Atmospheric Studies Section of the Air Resources
Board participated with the Coordinating Research Council
Measurements of Atmospheric Pollutants in Urban Areas Project
Group (CRC-CAPA-7) in conducting several studies of the Los
Angeles atmosphere.  These studies indicated a need for an
effective computer model of the atmosphere which gives realistic
and practical answers to pressing questions of control strategy
alternatives as well as choices for urban planning and
development.  The model would not be an end in itself but should
be regarded as one of the tools to be used in making decisions
affecting future air quality on an urban and regional scale.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-17-6



This is a status report on air pollution control legislation. 
About 115 bills dealing directly or indirectly with air pollution
have been introduced.  The important bills are summarized below,
as they stood on June 29, the beginning of the Legislature's July