State of California
                       New State Building
                           Room 1138
                        107 S. Broadway
                        Los Angeles, CA
                         July 14, 1965
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . . . William E. Nissen, Chairman.

2.   Public Hearing on amendments to California Administrative
     Code in respect to financial responsibility of applicants
     for device approval.

3.   Business Meeting

     a.   Approval of Minutes.
     b.   Report of Information Committee.
     c.   Legislative Report.
     d.   Consideration of approval of exhaust emission control
          systems.  (see separate Volume Numbers).

          1.   General Motors Corporation - Vol. II.
          2.   Ford Motor Company - Vol. III.
          3.   American Motors - Vol. IV.
          4.   International Harvester - Vol. V.
          5.   Kaiser-Jeep - Vol. VI.

     e.   Staff report including progress report from Chrysler
          Corp. on exhaust control system.
     f.   Report of Nominating Committee.
     g.   Consideration of approval of crankcase emission control
     h.   Other business.

4.   Remarks from audience.

5.   Adjournment.

Note:     The Board will also meet at the State Motor Vehicle
          Pollution Control Laboratory, 434 S. San Pedro St., at
          10:00 a.m., on July 13, 1965, for a field trip to
          observe tests of vehicles equipped with exhaust control