State of California
                     State Office Building
                           Room 1138
                        107 S. Broadway
                        Los Angeles, CA
                         July 11, 1962
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . Dr. John T. Middleton, Chairman.

2.   Business Meeting

     a.   Selection of Board Chairman and Vice Chairman, 1962-63.
     b.   Approval of Minutes of June 19, 1962 Meeting.
     c.   Report of Committee on Enforcement and Compliance -
          Bradford M. Crittenden.
     d.   Report of Committee on Test Procedures and Their
          Evaluation on Proposed Amendment to Procedure for
          Testing Motor Vehicle Crankcase Emissions with
          Consideration of Problems in Used Car Application - Dr.
          Malcolm Merrill (For Dr. A.J. Haagen-Smit).
     e.   Progress Report on Surveillance of Crankcase Emission
          Control Devices - Joseph R. Scanlin.
     f.   Comparison of Crankcase and Exhaust Emissions from
          Motor Vehicles - G.C. Hass.
     g.   Progress Report on Testing of Exhaust Emission Control
          Devices - D.A. Jensen.
     h.   Crankcase Emission Control Devices Consideration of
          Granting Certificates of Approval.
     i.   Staff Report.
     j.   Other Business.

3.   Remarks from Audience

4.   Adjournment