State of California
                            AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                          Tahoe Sands Motor Lodge
                             Convention Center
                            South Lake Tahoe, CA
                               June 20, 1973
                                 9:30 a.m.

73-13-1   Approval of Minutes of May 16, 1973 Meeting.

73-13-2   Assembly-Line Testing.

          a.   Report of Manufacturers' Test Results for the 3rd
               Production Quarter.
          b.   Summary of Workshop.
          c.   Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Changes to
               Assembly-Line Test Procedures for 1974 Model Year

73-13-3   Approval Standards and Test Procedures for Light-Duty

          a.   Consideration of Future Vehicle Emission
          b.   Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Changes to
               Standards and Test Procedures for 1975 and
               Subsequent Model Year Light-Duty Vehicles.

73-13-4   Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Restriction of
          Crankcase Certification.

73-13-5   Report on Progress of Vehicle Manufacturers in Meeting
          1975 and 1976 Exhaust Emission Standards.

73-13-6   Report on Emissions from Vehicles Equipped with General
          Motors' Advanced Emission Control System.

73-13-7   Consideration of Retrofit Program for 1966-1970
          Vehicles After October 1, 1973.

73-13-8   Other Business.

73-13-9   Remarks from Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

                       ITEM NO.:  73-13-2a

Report of End of Assembly-Line Test Results for the Third
Production Quarter.


None.  This is an informational item.


The staff has reviewed the reports submitted by vehicle
manufacturers on their third quarter's production.  Table I shows
those engine families that did not have an acceptable pass rate
on an initial quality audit test.  However, considering one
retest without repair, all engine families have acceptable pass

Table II compares the quality audit test averages, for each
engine family, for the second and third production quarters. 
Tables III and IV compares respectively, steady state and hot 
7-mode inspection test control limit values for the first three
production quarters.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-13-2b

Summary of Assembly-Line Testing Workshop.


None.  (Informational item related to 73-13-2c).


On May 31, 1973 the Air Resources Board conducted a workshop on
assembly-line testing.  The attached minutes summarize the
results of that workshop.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-13-2c

Proposed Revisions to Assembly-Line Test Procedures.


Adopt Resolution 73-32.


At its meeting on March 21, 1973, the Air Resources Board (ARB)
adopted a policy statement that every vehicle at the time of
delivery to the customer shall comply with the assembly-line
emission standards.  This change in emphasis of new vehicle
testing by the ARB staff necessitates revisions to the 
assembly-line test procedures.  Upon further review of 1973 quarterly
reports, additional revisions were found to be necessary.  Also,
on May 31, 1973, an assembly-line testing workshop was held
between the ARB and staff.  Other revisions were discussed and
suggested.  A public hearing is scheduled for today's meeting.  A
copy of the Hearing Notice and Proposed Assembly-Line Test
Procedures are attached, as well as the staff report outlining
the reasons for each change.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-13-3a

Consideration of Future Vehicle Emission Standards.


1.   Adopt EPA Interim Standards for 1975 to clarify California's
     enforcement procedures for that year.

2.   Determine need for NOx emission standards in 1976 models and
     if necessary seek waiver for California NOx standards.

3.   Request clarification from EPA on 1975 emission standards
     for light-duty trucks in California; if necessary seek
     waiver for emission standards for such vehicles.


Recent actions by the Environmental Protection Agency have
modified California's long-standing request for waiver of
exemption with respect to its 1975 emission standards.

The following table shows the standards at issue in grams per
mile as established by converting the CVS-1 California standards
to the equivalent CVS-II standards per Federal Register Vol. 36,
No. 128, dated July 2, 1971.

                       ITEM NO.:  73-13-3b

Consideration of Proposed Exhaust Emission Standards and Test
Procedures for 1975 and Subsequent Model Gasoline-Powered Motor
Vehicles 6,000 Pounds Gross Vehicle Weight or Less.


Adopt Resolution 73-26.


In order to make the California approval test procedure
compatible with the Federal certification procedure for new motor
vehicles, the format for new motor vehicles, the format for the
California procedure is being changed to identify the unique
California requirements as stated in the Health and Safety code
and Title 13 of the California Administrative Code in addition to
the applicable Federal Regulations.  The format contained herein
makes maximum use of the Environmental Protection Agency
procedures by reference to the applicable Federal Register Vol.
37 No. 221, dated November 15, 1972.  The CVS II test procedure
used for California certification is the same as that used by the
EPA which was initiated for 1975 and subsequent model year 
light-duty motor vehicles.

These procedures are applicable to exhaust emissions from new
light-duty vehicles first sold and registered in the State of
California.  Where specific differences exist between the Federal
and California requirements, the California regulations are

                        ITEM NO.:  73-13-4

Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Restriction of Crankcase


Adopt Resolution 73-31.


Presently certified crankcase emission control systems are open
ended; that is, there is no model year limit to their
installations on 1955 and subsequent model year vehicles.  It has
been determined that many of the presently certified crankcase
emission control systems and replacement valves adversely affect
the performance of the emission control systems on 1968 and later
model year vehicles.  Adoption of Resolution 73-31 would limit
the certification of these systems and valves to 1955 through
1967 model year vehicles.

Crankcase emission control systems and positive crankcase
ventilation replacement valves for 1968 and later model year
vehicles would be regulated in accordance with the "Policy on
Replacement Parts" adopted by the Board on May 16, 1973.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-13-5

Report on Progress of Vehicle Manufacturers in Meeting 1975 and
1976 Model Year Exhaust Emission Standards.


None.  This is an informational report.


The attached report is submitted pursuant to the requirements of
Division 26, Chapter 4, Article 4, Sections 39158 and 39159 of
the Health and Safety Code (Senate Bill 382).  Section 39158
requires, beginning April 1, 1973, and quarterly thereafter, any
person manufacturing new motor vehicles for sale in this state to
file with the Air Resources Board a report as to such persons
efforts and progress in meeting specified Federal standards for
emission of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen. 
Section 39158 also requires that a summary of the vehicle
manufacturers' reports to be filed with the Governor and
Legislature as soon after each quarter as possible.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-13-6

Report on Vehicles Equipped with GM's Advanced Emission Control


None.  This is an informational item.


Arrangements have been made between the State of California and
General Motors (GM) to lease 50 cars designed to meet the 1975-1976 
emission standards.  The first 13 vehicles which were
designed to meet 1975 standards have been received and have been
in test since November 1972.  The 13 vehicles show little if any
deterioration for the approximately 9500 miles they have been run
and are easily meeting the HC and CO 1975 standards.  They do not
meet the California 1975 emission standard for NOx but it should
be noted that these first 13 vehicles do not have special
(advanced) controls for NOx.  Some of the 50 vehicles to be
received later will have special devices for low NOx emission

Aldehyde emissions and reactivity were measured and found to be
lower on these vehicles than on earlier cards not equipped with
catalytic converters.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-13-7

Consideration of Retrofit Program for 1966-1970 Vehicles after
October 1, 1973.


Assuming the diagnostic center data continue to be considered
valid, commence administrative hearings to rescind accreditation
of devices which include a large amount of spark retard, adopt
proposed installation schedule limiting installation to specific
air basins; and seek legislation to limit the program to these
air basins and to give the ARB the authority to require rapid
(license plate) installation, in its discretion.


Action of the Board June 7, suspending installation of NOx
devices, left several questions unresolved.  This report seeks to
bring these issues into focus and contains recommended action on

                       ITEM NO.:  73-13-8a

Accreditation of NOx Exhaust Emission Control Devices.


Adoption of Resolutions 73-16-A and 73-4-A.


At the may 16, 1973 meeting, the Board adopted motions
accrediting the Air Quality Products Inc.  And the Contignitron
Company and Motors Inc. Retrofit exhaust devices for 1966-70
vehicles.  The adoption of the attached Resolutions will confirm
the Board's action for record purposes.