State of California
                     State Office Building
                           Room 1138
                        107 S. Broadway
                        Los Angeles, CA
                         June 19, 1962
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . Dr. John T. Middleton, Chairman.

2.   Business Meeting

     a.   Approval of Minutes of April 11, 1962 Meeting.
     b.   Report of Budget Committee - Dr. J.B. Askew.

          1.   Consideration of Contract with Los Angeles County
               Air Pollution District for Fiscal Year Starting
               July 1, 1962.
          2.   Resolution 62-9.

     c.   Report of Committee on Enforcement and Compliance -
          Bradford M. Crittenden.
     d.   Report of Committee on Test Procedures and Their
          Evaluation - Dr. A.J. Haagen-Smit.

          1.   Accelerated Testing of Exhaust Emission Control
               Devices - D.A. Jensen.
          2.   Average California Motor Vehicles and Their
               Emissions - G.C. Hass.

     e.   Control of Diesel Emissions - Miles Brubacher.
     f.   Crankcase Emission Control Devices Consideration of
          Granting Certificate of Approval.
     g.   Staff Report.
     h.   Other Business.

3.   Remarks from Audience

4.   Adjournment