State Building
Auditorium, Room 1138
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June 11, 1987
1:00 p.m.



87-8-1 Reports on the Kern County Rules. 001

87-8-2 Status Report on the Joint Evaluation of the
South Coast Air Quality Management District

87-8-3 Status Report on the National Ambient Air 002
Quality Standards for Particulate Matter (PM10).

Other Business

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Evidence Code Sec. 950-962, and Govt. Code Sec.
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c. Delegations to Executive Officer

ITEM NO.: 87-8-1

Status of Kern County Air Pollution Control District Rule
Adoption to Conform with the Kern County Nonattainment Area Plan.


On August 22, 1986, the Board adopted Resolution 86-76 which
updated the Kern County Nonattainment Area Plan for ozone and
carbon monoxide. The updated plan included commitments to amend
existing rules and to adopt additional measures that would
further improve air quality in Kern County. In February 1987,
the Board adopted additional amendments (Resolution 87-17) to the
plan to allow the deferring of controls for oxides of nitrogen
(NOx) emissions in the western Kern County oil fields if
exceedances of the federal ozone standards did not occur in
western Kern County.

After several hearings, the Kern County Air Pollution Control
District (KCAPCD) Board has developed amended and/or new rules
governing the permitting of new sources, the control of NOx from
steam generators and stationary internal combustion engines and
the control of reactive organic gases (ROG) from oil and gas
production facilities and natural gas processing facilities.
Final action by the Kern Board to adopt these rules is expected
on June 1.

The staff believes that the new and/or amended Kern rules are
consistent with the commitments made by the Air Resources Board
in Resolution 86-76 and 87-17. Accordingly, the staff plans to
submit the rules to the EPA as a revision to the State of
California State Implementation Plan if adopted by Kern County

ITEM NO.: 87-8-3

Status Report on National Ambient Air Quality Standards for
Particulate Matter (PM10).


The staff will report to the Board on the status of EPA's pending
action to promulgate national ambient air quality standards for
fine particulate matter (PM10). EPA Administrator, Lee M.
Thomas, is expected to announce promulgation of the standards
early in June. The staff will also brief the Board on the
implementing regulations which are expected to be promulgated
with the standards.

EPA's implementing regulations for the national PM10 standards
are expected to require that revisions to the State
Implementation Plan be adopted for four California air basins in
which ambient PM10 concentrations greater than the PM10 standards
have been measured. Additional subjects to be discussed will
include the fundamental requirements for the plan revisions, the
extent of exceedance of the new standards in California, and the
kinds of sources contributing to the PM10 problem in the State.

The staff will also discuss its current efforts to establish a
statewide ambient PM10 sampling network, compile an emission
inventory, and develop analytical tools to evaluate control
strategies for PM10. The staff will explain ongoing planning
efforts at the state and local levels to develop the required
State Implementation Plan revisions.