State of California

State Building
Auditorium - Room B-109
1315 Front Street
San Diego, CA

May 21, 1980
10:00 a.m.



80-9-1 Public Meeting to Consider Pending Legislation
Affecting California's Motor Vehicle Emissions

80-9-2 Suggested Control Measure Development Process
(oral report only)

80-9-3 Public Meeting to Consider Suggested Control 001
Measure for the Control of Oxides of Nitrogen
Emissions from Stationary Internal Combustion

80-9-4 Other Business
a. Research Proposals
b. Delegations to Executive Officer
c. Executive Session

ITEM NO.: 80-9-3

Suggested Control Measure for the Control of Oxides of Nitrogen
Emissions from Stationary Internal Combustion Engines.


The staff of the Air Resources Board has identified the need to
reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from stationary
sources in the South Coast Air Basin (SCAB) because several state
and national ambient air quality standards are consistently
violated in this air basin, and emissions from presently
uncontrolled stationary internal combustion engines, which have
been estimated at 85 tons of NOx per day in the SCAB, contribute
to these violations.

Staff has determined that reducing NOx emissions from internal
combustion engines is feasible and cost-effective. Catalytic
reduction systems capable of achieving reductions of 95 percent
or more are available for the majority of the reciprocating
engines in the air basin. For the remainder of the reciprocating
engines, catalytic reduction systems are being developed and are
expected to be available in early 1981. Water injection systems
are available for most makes of gas turbines. Water injection
systems can reduce NOx emissions from gas turbines by
approximately 70 percent. Therefore, a control measure that
would require the installation of such devices on existing as
well as new internal combustion engines has been proposed.
Compliance schedules for different types of engines, new and
existing, are included in the suggested control measure. A
number of exemptions from this control measure have been included
because some engines are operated infrequently and do not
contribute significantly to the NOx problem.

More detailed discussions of the need for control of this source,
the control technology, and the economic and environment impacts
of the proposed measure, along with a copy of the proposed
control measure, can be found in the ARB staff reports on the
subject, one dated October 26, 1979, another dated April 4, 1980.