State of California

San Franciscan Hotel
Crystal Ballroom
1231 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

April 24, 1980
10:00 a.m.



80-8-1 Public Meeting to Consider Adopting Policy for 001
the Implementation and Review of Systems for the
Banking of Reductions in the Emission of Air

80-8-2 Consideration of Resolution Regarding the Relationship
Between the Air Resources Board and Local Governments
and their Regional Agencies in Efforts to Improve
California's Air Quality.

80-8-3 Public Meeting Regarding Designation of Nonattainment
Area Lead Agencies for the San Francisco Bay Area.

80-8-4 Other Business
a. Research Proposals
b. Delegations to Executive Officer
c. Executive Session

ITEM NO.: 80-8-1

Public Meeting to Consider Adopting Policy for the Review of
District Regulations on Banking of Emissions Reductions.


In 1979 the state legislature added Sections 40709 through 40713
to the Health and Safety Code (SB 847), authorizing air pollution
control and air quality management district boards to establish
by regulation systems for banking emissions reductions. The new
sections also authorize the ARB to review locally adopted banking
rules within 60 days of adoption. Although each district should
have the flexibility to tailor its banking system to its own new
source review rule, it is important that the regulations
establish a system which is consistent with Clean Air Act and
Health and Safety Code requirements for attaining and maintaining
ambient air quality standards. The staff is proposing that the
Board adopt policy regarding the approvability of district
banking regulations, to provide the districts and the staff with
guidance for developing and reviewing banking regulations.

The policy which the staff is proposing addresses the following

1. Emissions reductions eligible for banking.
2. Procedure for banking emissions reductions.
3. Ownership of banked emissions reductions.
4 Use of banked emissions reductions.
5. Relationship of banked emission reductions to reasonable
further progress.
6. Community and other special project banks.

The staff report discusses these issues in detail and recommends
that the Board adopt policy for addressing these issues.