Executive Committee
               Conference Room, Director's Office
                  Department of Motor Vehicles
                       2415 First Avenue
                         Sacramento, CA
                         April 22, 1965
                           9:00 a.m.

1.   Conference with General Motors Corporation on developments
     in respect to need for mandatory annual maintenance of air
     injection exhaust control systems.

     Note:     Chairman Nissen has agreed to meet with General
               Motors to consider proprietary test data which may
               result in elimination of requirements for full
               scale mandatory 3 hour tune-ups annually.   After
               presentation of their data and Committee
               questions, the General Motors representatives will
               be excused.

2.   Report of Criteria Committee on possible International
     Harvester exemption (see attached).

3.   Progress report of Information Committee (see attached).

4.   Progress report on Legislation.

     Note:     The hearing should adjourn by noon.  The Board's
               office will be glad to assist in travel
               arrangements if desired.  As usual, on Committee
               meetings, all Board members are welcome.