Air Resources Board
Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, CA

April 14, 1994
9:30 a.m.



94-4-1 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of 001
Permit Fee Regulations for Nonvehicular
Sources Pursuant to the California Clean
Air Act.

94-4-2 Public Meeting to Consider an Information ---
Report on Ozone and Public Health: Recent
Findings Relevant to Ambient Air Quality

94-4-3 Public Meeting to Consider an Information ---
Report on the National Perspective of
California's Air Quality.

94-4-4 Public Meeting to Consider Research Proposals. 071

ITEM NO.: 94-4-1

Public hearing to Consider the Adoption of Permit Fee Regulations
for Nonvehicular Sources Pursuant to the California Clean Air


The staff recommends that the Board adopt the proposed
regulations for recovery of costs incurred by the Air Resources
Board (ARB) during fiscal year 1994-95 to implement those
provisions of the California Clean Air Act related to
nonvehicular sources.


The California Clean Air Act requires the ARB to develop new
programs and to expand existing programs to address the problem
of air pollution in California. To defray the additional costs
to the ARB of implementing programs and activities related to
nonvehicular sources pursuant to the Act, section 39612 of the
Health and Safety Code authorizes the ARB to require districts to
collect fees from the holders of permits for sources which are
located in nonattainment pollutant or precursor. The staff's
proposal would implement section 39612 for the sixth year of the
program by requiring districts to collect the fees authorized by
the Act and to transmit the fees to the ARB for deposit into the
Air Pollution Control Fund. Districts would be required to
assess each qualifying facility a fee of approximately $15.60 per
ton of emissions of nonattainment pollutants and precursors. The
proposed fee rate and amounts to be remitted may be revised at
the time of the public hearing if updated emission data become

The staff has developed the proposed fee regulations in
consultation with affected districts. Also, the staff held a
public consultation meeting to which representatives of affected
facilities and districts as well as members of the public were


Adoption of the proposed regulations is not expected to result in
any adverse health, safety or environmental impacts.

The cost to individual companies range from approximately $8,000
for the smallest facility subject to the regulations to
approximately $457,000 for a multi-facility business. No small
businesses have been identified that would be subject to the
fees. These fees will result in no significant adverse economic
impact on businesses.