State of California

Junipero Serra Building
107 S. Broadway
Room 1138
Los Angeles, CA

April 11, 1974
9:00 a.m.



74-8-1 Approval of Minutes of March 12, 1974 Meeting.

74-8-2 Continuation of Public Hearing on Actions With Respect
to Variances For Stationary Sources.

74-8-3 Consideration of Modifications to the Sacramento APCD
Agricultural Burning Implementation Plan.

74-8-4 Report on Executive Officer's Revisions to Subvention
Regulations Relating to Local Implementation Programs.

74-8-5 Public Hearing - State Implementation Plan Revision to
Indirect Source Review Procedures (9:30 or later).

74-8-6 Report on Local Permit Systems That Consider Ambient
Air Quality.

74-8-7 Report on Variances Issued by Local Air Pollution
Control Districts for Longer than One Year.

74-8-8 Report on Rice Dryer Emission Study.

74-8-9 Report on Current Legislation Related to Air Pollution

74-8-10 Other Business -
a. Research Proposals
b. Executive Session - Personnel and Litigation
c. Board Committee Reports and Assignments

74-8-11 Remarks From Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

Note: A morning break will be taken at approximately 11:00
a.m. to provide an opportunity for the press to
interview Board members.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-2

Continuation of Public Hearing on Proposed Enforcement Action
with Respect to Variances for Stationary Sources.


Adopt Resolution 74-7-B continuing this public hearing until May
9, 1974, for sources listed on Exhibits II and III.


At the March 12, 1974 meeting the Board continued the hearing on
proposed enforcement action with respect to variances for
stationary sources until April 11, 1974. The status of some of
the sources listed in the March 12, 1974 Exhibits II and III has
been changed and some new sources have been added. These changes
are reflected in Exhibits II and III (revised April 11, 1974).

ITEM NO.: 74-8-3

Public Hearing to Consider Approval of a Modification to the
Sacramento County Air Pollution Control District Agricultural
Burning Implementation Plan.


Adopt Resolution 74-21 thereby approving the modification, and
asking the District to inform interested parties of the following
district administrative procedures:

1. Limit the acreage burned in the Natomas area pursuant to
Rule 96 to 500 acres in any one day,

2. Require concurrence from the Sacramento County Agricultural
Commissioner or Farm Advisor that burning is necessary to
prevent imminent and substantial loss prior to allowing
burning pursuant to Rule 96, and

3. Allow burning under conditions prohibited by Rule 95(b) only
during the months of March, April and May each year.


Modifications to district Agricultural Burning Implementation
Plans are required to be approved by the Board before they are

The Sacramento County Air Pollution Control Board adopted a
modification to its Agricultural Burning Implementation Plan on
January 14, 1974. This modification allows the district Air
Pollution Control Officer to authorize, by permit, agricultural
burning in the northern area of the district when the wind blows
from the north if denial of such permit would threaten imminent
and substantial loss.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-4

Report on Executive Officer's Revisions to Subvention Regulations
Relating to Local Implementation Programs.


For Information.


At its March 12, 1974 meeting, the Board instructed the Executive
Officer to change the Subvention Regulations to permit local
districts to have their 1974-75 and subsequent fiscal years'
subvention application deemed to fulfill the requirements of
their implementation program. As authorized by the Board, the
Executive Officer has made the necessary changes (as emergency
regulations). A letter has been sent to the districts informing
them of this change.

The Executive Officer has made additional administrative changes
to the regulations.

ATTACHMENTS: Copy of Letter to APCDs.
Subvention Regulations Before Latest Amendments.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-5

Public Hearing - State Implementation Plan - Revision to Indirect
Source Review Procedures.


Adopt Resolution 74-22 thereby adopting the indirect source
proposal as amended on April 11, 1974, which includes the
statement of principle.


Since the November 13, 1973 Board meeting the Board has been
considering amending the State Implementation Plan to provide
procedures for the review and regulation of indirect sources.
The proposed amendments have been widely distributed for public
comment, and many changes have been made in response to these
comments. In the staff's opinion, comments received on the
February 14, 1974 proposal do not warrant further changes in the
proposal. However, the staff suggests five minor modifications
to the February 14, 1974 version.

ATTACHMENT: Summary of written comments received on the
February 14, 1974 proposal.

April 11, 1974 proposal.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-6

Report on Local Permit Systems that Consider Ambient Air Quality.


None. For Information Only.


At its February 14, 1974 meeting, the Board instructed the staff
to schedule public hearings to amend the basin plans of four air
basins to include the requirement that ambient air quality
standards be considered in the review of applications for
authority to construct. It appears that it may not be necessary
to schedule such hearings because local authorities in these air
basins are taking steps to adopt the needed requirements.

ATTACHMENTS: San Joaquin Valley Air Basin Rule 210.1.

Southeast Desert Air Basin Letter of February 11,

San Diego County APCD Rule 20.1.

March 6, 1974 Revision to Northeast Plateau Air
Basin Plan.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-7

Report of Investigation of Four Variances Issued or Extended by
Local Air Pollution Control Districts Longer than One Year.


No further action required.


At the December 18, 194 Board meeting, the Board directed the
staff to investigate variances issued to U.S. Borax Chemical
Company, Kern County, Calico Rock Milling Inc., San Bernardino
County and Stockton Elevator and Occidental Chemical Company, San
Joaquin County. Since the December Board meeting the staff has
received compliance schedules for each of these sources. All
four schedules appear reasonable and three have been approved by
EPA. The fourth schedule, Occidental Petroleum is presently
being reviewed by EPA.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-8

Report on Emissions from Rice Dryers in the Sacramento Valley Air


Refer to the Technical Committee for evaluation.


The Board, at its meeting on March 7, 1973 deferred action on a
proposal to hold a public hearing under Section 39054 to consider
revised regulations for Glenn County APCD. The Board at that
meeting instructed the staff to obtain data and report back to
the Board on particulate emissions concentrations, particle size
distributions under 10 microns from uncontrolled and controlled
rice dryers, the types of control equipment and the effectiveness
of control equipment. The staff conducted a study of emissions
from 21 rice dryers in the Sacramento Valley Air Basin during the
fall of 1973. A report on the study is attached.

ITEM NO.: 74-8-9

Current Legislation Related to Air Pollution.


None. This is an Information Item.


This report Presents Summaries of the Major Bills Being
Considered by the Legislature and Their Status as of April 1,