State of California
                     State Office Building
                           Room 1194
                     455 Golden Gate Avenue
                       San Francisco, CA
                         April 11, 1962
                           10:00 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . .Dr. John T. Middleton, Chairman

2.   Reports to the Board

     a.   From the State Legislature - W. Byron Rumford,
          Assemblyman, 17th District Chairman, Assembly Committee
          on Public Health.
     b.   From the Local Air Pollution Control Districts - D.J.
          Callaghan, Chief Administrative Officer, Bay Area air
          Pollution Control District.
     c.   Report on Newly Adopted Air Quality Standards, John
          Maga, Chief, Bureau of Air Sanitation, State Department
          of Public Health.

3.   Business Meeting

     a.   Approval of Minutes of February 14, 1962 Meeting.
     b.   Report of Budget Committee - Dr. J.B. Askew.
     c.   Report of Committee on Test Procedures and Their
          Evaluation - Dr. A.J. Haagen-Smit.

          1.   Proposed Resolution 62-2 on Crankcase Emission
               Control Devices in Relation to Increase of Noxious
               Toxic Contaminates.
          2.   Report on Staff Proposal for an Alternate
               Accelerated Controlled Testing Procedure for
               Exhaust Devices - Dr. M. Sweeney.

     d.   Report of Committee on Criteria for Acceptability and
          Use of Devices - James Allen.

          1.   Proposed Resolution 62-3 on Policy in Relation to
               Devices Installed as Original Equipment on Motor

     e.   Consider Granting Certificates of Approval for
          Crankcase Emission Control Devices.
     f.   Report on Society of Automotive Engineers Meeting in
          Detroit on Motor Vehicle Emissions - G.C. Hass,
          Supervising Engineer.
     g.   Staff Report.
     h.   Other Business.

4.   Remarks from Audience

5.   Adjournment