State of California
                            AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                        Commons Large Dining Room
                         University of California
                              Riverside, CA
                              April 4, 1973
                                9:30 a.m.

73-7-1    Approval of Minutes of March 21, 1973 Meeting.

73-7-2    Consideration of Emergency Revisions to the Regulations
          for the Administration of Subvention Program.

73-7-3    Consideration of Transportation Control Plans for the
          San Francisco-Bay Area, San Diego, Sacramento Valley
          and San Joaquin Valley Air Basins.

73-7-4    Report on the Status of Kaiser Steel's Emission Control

73-7-5    Agricultural Burning.

          a.   Consideration of Agricultural Burning
               Implementation Plans.

          b.   Report on Advancing the Time for the Daily Release
               of Burn Notices.

73-7-6    Summary of New EPA Regulations.

73-7-7    Status Report on Power Plants in the South Coast Air

73-7-8    Applications for Extension of Open Burning at Disposal

73-7-9    Report on Local District Variances Extended for More
          Than One Year.

73-7-10   Other Business.

73-7-11   Remarks from Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-2

Proposed Revisions to Regulations for Administration of the
Subvention Program.


Adopt Resolution 73-17.


Emergency regulations for administration of the subvention
program were initially adopted by the Board on October 25, 1972
to serve the needs for implementing the program during the
remaining portion of the 1972-73 fiscal year.

Revisions to the regulations are being proposed to provide for
subvention application procedures for fiscal 1973-74 and
subsequent years and for the administration of supplemental
subventions for the remainder of fiscal 1972-73 and subsequent

In addition to the above revisions, the regulations have been
reorganized and clarified to reflect the experience of the staff
in processing applications during the last few months.

Attached are a staff report, a summary of the revisions to the
regulations, a copy of the proposed regulations and proposed
Resolution 73-17.  The attached proposed regulations contain a
few minor corrections and additions to the draft, copies of which
were distributed to local districts for their review and comment. 
The corrections and additions are shown double underlined. 
Comments received are summarized in the staff report.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-3

Revision 3 to the State Implementation Plan (Transportation
control plans for the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego,
Sacramento Valley, and San Joaquin Valley Air Basins).


Complete the plans in April and announce public hearings to be
held in May, 1973.


1.   EPA requires that the State Implementation Plan be revised
     to provide for the achievement of the national ambient air
     quality standards in the South Coast, San Francisco Bay
     Area, the San Diego, the Sacramento Valley, and the San
     Joaquin Valley Air Basins.

     The only feasible means of achieving some of these standards
     is principally through further transportation control

2.   A U.S. Court of Appeals' decision earlier this year,
     requires that the State make the needed revisions in its
     Implementation Plan by April 15, 1973.

3.   At its March 7, 1973 meeting, the Board considered a
     proposed outline of revisions to the San Francisco Bay Area,
     San Diego, Sacramento, Valley, and San Joaquin Valley Air
     Basins implementation plans.  At that time, the Board
     instructed the staff to prepare plans in accordance with
     that outline.  Because EPA was holding hearings on its plan
     for the South Coast Air Basin, it was suggested that the
     development of the State plan for this Air Basin be delayed
     until the information obtained by EPA is evaluated.

4.   The staff has completed a preliminary draft of the basic
     elements of the plans for the four air basins; a copy of
     this draft is attached.  The proposed plans are expected to
     be ready by mid-April for public hearings in May.

5.   The staff suggests public hearings be scheduled by the Board
     as follows:

     Friday, May 18, 1973 - Fresno
     Monday, May 21, 1973 - San Francisco
     Wednesday, May 23, 1973 - San Diego
     Friday, May 25, 1973 - Sacramento

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-4

Status of Kaiser Steel's Emission Control Program.


None.  This is an informational report.


The attached report is submitted in response to the Board's
request for additional information at the January 3 meeting in
Anaheim when the San Bernardino County Air Pollution Control
District report on the status of the Kaiser Steel Plant emission
control program was considered.

The report contains a list of the sources at the Kaiser Plant and
their status of compliance the District's rules and regulations.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-5a

Consideration of Agricultural Burning Implementation Plans.


Adopt Resolution 73-1b.


Adoption of the attached resolution will complete board action on
the approval of local agricultural burning implementation plans
for 47 of the 50 air pollution control districts in the State.

The remaining 3 districts, Kings County, Madera County and Fresno
county have scheduled hearings in April to adopt or modify plans
in conformance with the Board's guidelines.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-5b

Advancing Agricultural Burning Notices.


None.  This is an informational report.


As directed by the Board at the February 7 meeting in Palm
Springs the staff investigated the requests that consideration be
given to advancing the time for issuing agricultural burning
notices.  As a result of this investigation the staff proposes to
conduct a trial program in the Southeast Desert Air Basin of
issuing the notice each day at 2:00 p.m. designating the
condition for the following day.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-6

Summary of New EPA Regulations.


Over the past year, EPA has proposed or adopted regulations which
can affect the Board's program.  These regulations include:

(a)  New Source Performance Standards (Adopted) and Standards for
     Emissions of Hazardous Pollutants (Proposed).

(b)  Stationary Source Regulations to Amend State Implementation
     Plans (Proposed).

(c)  Regulations concerning Transportation Control Plans

(d)  Regulations on Significant Deterioration of Air Quality (To
     Be Proposed).

(e)  Emission Standards for Aircraft (Proposed).

(f)  Regulation of Fuels and Fuel Additives (Some Adopted, Some

(g)  Regulations for Maintenance of National Ambient Air Quality
     Standards (Proposed).

(h)  Guidelines for Semi-Annual Reports and Quarterly Reports

A summary table of the status of these EPA regulations is
attached.  The status and problems of each item are discussed
separately in the attached material following the table.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-7

Power Plants in the South Coast Air Basin.


None.  This is an informational report.


The attached report is submitted in response to the Board's
request at the March 21 meeting, and provides updated information
on the status of new fossil fuel power plant construction in the
South Coast Air Basin.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-8

Application for extension of open burning at disposal site.


Adopt Resolution 73-15.


Colusa County has requested an additional time extension to
continue open burning at the Maxwell dump.  The time extension
previously granted by the Air Resources Board for this dump site
expired on January 1, 1973.  The staff has determined by
investigation that alternate methods of waste disposal are now
available to the residents of the Maxwell area in Colusa County. 
Adoption of the attached resolution will deny the request and
authorize the staff to refer future violations to the Attorney
General's Office.

                        ITEM NO.:  73-7-9

Variances granted or extended for a period exceeding one year.


No Board actions are recommended in the cases of Bermite
Division, Tasker Industries, Flare Northern Division, Atlantic
Research Corporation and California Portland Cement Company.  The
variance granted to Monolith Portland Cement Company by the Kern
County Air Pollution Control District Hearing Board should be
based on an accepted compliance schedule.  Further evaluation of
the schedule should be made to determine if it is reasonable.


1.   Sections 24303 and 24365.12 of the California Health and
     Safety Code requires all air pollution control districts to
     submit annual reports on all variances issued or extended
     for a period exceeding one year.

2.   Under Section 39054.2 of the Health and Safety Code, the
     Board is authorized to revoke any variance if the Board
     finds that the increases in air contaminants outweighs the
     economic loss that may result if the variance is revoked.

3.   On November 8, 1973, the staff presented to the Board a list
     of 77 variances reported for the year July 1, 1971 through
     June 30, 1972.

4.   After reviewing the 77 variances, the Board requested that
     six of the variances be evaluated further.  The six are:

     (a)  Bermite Division, Tasker Industries (Los Angeles

     (b)  Flare Northern Division, Atlantic Research Corporation
          (Los Angeles County).

     (c)  California Portland Cement Company (Kern County).

     (d)  Monolith Portland Cement Company (Kern County).

     (e)  Simpson Lee Paper Company (Shasta County).

     (f)  Kimberly-Clark Corporation (Shasta County).

5.   The evaluations were to include, if possible:

     (a)  Review of the variance petition.

     (b)  Review of the hearing board reports.

     (c)  Evaluation of the plant facilities and its emission.

     (d)  Evaluation of control technology that may be

     (e)  Cost of control.

6.   The staff has evaluated all six variance.  The following is
     a summary of findings and staff reports on the variances
     granted by local hearing boards to four sources located in
     the southern portion of the State.  (Bermite Division,
     Tasker Industries, Flare Northern Division, Atlantic
     Research Corporation, California Portland Cement Company,
     and Monolith Portland Cement Company).

     (a)  Bermites' variance will soon expire and Flare Northern
          is no longer under a variance.  No further Board action
          is recommended.

     (b)  California Portland Cement Company is near completion
          of its modification program to bring its operation into
          compliance.  No board action is recommended.

     (c)  Monolith Portland Cement Company has proposed a
          compliance schedule which will be completed in 1976. 
          The Kern County Air Pollution Control District hearing
          board has not accepted the schedule, but has granted
          several consecutive variances.

7.   The remaining variances were granted to two sources (Simpson
     Lee Paper Company and Kimberly-Clark Corporation) located in
     Northern California.  Reports on these variances will be
     presented to the Board at the May 2, 1973 Board meeting in