State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                The Resources Agency Auditorium
                       1416 Ninth Street
                         Sacramento, CA
                         March 18, 1970
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . A.J. Haagen-Smit, Ph.D., Chairman.

2.   Business Meeting.

     a.   Minutes of Meeting of January 21, 1970.
     b.   Report of Technical Advisory Committee.
     c.   Emission Control - Used Cars.
          Public Hearing: Test Procedures for Used Motor Vehicles
          Under 6,001 Pounds, Gross Vehicle Weight.
     d.   Public Hearing: Permanent Label on Vehicle Emission
          Control Information.
     e.   Report on Implementation Plans for Bay Area and Los
          Angeles Area Quality Control Regions.
     f.   Air Quality Standards - Review of Status.
     g.   Other Business.

          1.   Certifications.
          2.   Permits.
          3.   Report on Assembly Bill 690 (1968).
          4.   Report on NOx Control Project.
          5.   Report on CNG, LNG, and LPG.
          6.   Other Items.

     h.   Committee Reports.

8.   Remarks from the Audience.


Staff Discussion on Resolution 70-12.

On December 4, 1969, the Department of Health, Education, and
Welfare adopted a labeling regulation similar to this proposal. 
The Federal regulation provided that the manufacturer could also
include on the label information required by State regulations.

Much of the information proposed for this regulation is identical
to Federal requirements.  Additional items (4, 6, 7, 8) were
developed by an interagency committee of the Board, Highway
Patrol, and Department of Motor Vehicles.  These requirements
will aid licensed stations in identifying control systems for
issuance of the certificate of compliance.  See results of
licensed garage survey attached.

The staff recommends that the regulation become effective for
1971 model vehicles manufactured after July 1, 1970.


Progress Report on Low Emission Control Systems - AB 690.

The Air Resources Board, pursuant to Assembly Bill No. 690
(amended by AB 466), has a contract with each of three
organizations to produce a total of 22 low emission control
systems which are to be installed on state-owned vehicles for
evaluation by the Board's staff.

To date, a system has not been produced that satisfies the
requirements of AB 690.  The status of the program, as it relates
to each participant, is summarized below.


Progress Report - Federal Grant to Demonstrate the Technological
Feasibility of Controlling Oxides of Nitrogen from Vehicular

The Air Resources Board has a Federal demonstration grant to
assess the effectiveness of an exhaust recycle system to reduce
oxides of nitrogen in vehicular exhausts.  The system was
designed and developed by ARCO Chemical Company, a division of
Atlantic Richfield Company.  The Board is in the process of
making an extensive evaluation of the control method.