State of California

Resources Building Auditorium
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA

March 13, 1974
9:00 a.m.


74-6-1 Approval of Minutes of February 13, 1974 Meeting.

74-6-2 Summary Report Regarding Experience of Operating State-Owned
Vehicles with Vacuum Spark Advance Disconnected

74-6-3 Consideration of Proposed Fuel Additive Test procedures
for Gasoline and Diesel Powered Vehicles.

74-6-4 Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Changes in the
Regulations Regarding Exhaust Emissions Standards and
Test Procedures for Used Light-Duty Vehicles (1955
through 1965 Model Year).

74-6-5 Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Vehicle Emission
Standards for 1976 Passenger Cars and Light-Duty

74-6-6 Summary Report of Inspection Tests at New Car Dealers
of Vehicles Previously Tested at Manufacturers Assembly

74-6-7 Other Business -
a. Board Committee Reports and Assignments.
b. Executive Session - Personnel and Litigation.
c. Research Proposals.

74-6-8 Remarks From Audience - End of Morning and Afternoon

Note: 1. The meeting will start promptly at 0900 instead of
0930 as in previous meetings.

2. A morning break will be taken at approximately
11:00 a.m. to provide an opportunity for the press
to interview Board members.

ITEM NO.: 74-6-2

Summary Report Regarding Experience of Operating State Owned
Vehicles with Vacuum Spark Advance Disconnect (VSAD).


None. This is an information item.


In July of 1972, the Air Resources Board requested the Department
of General Services and the Division of Highways to conduct
experimental programs with their fleet vehicles to determine
whether adverse effects result from disconnecting the vacuum
spark advance on 1966 through 1970 models. Previous reports
concerning this program were presented to the Board.

On January 9, 1974, the Board requested follow-up reports of
these studies from the Department of General Services and the
Division of Highways, Department of Transportation. Accordingly,
representatives of these departments were invited to appear
before the Board and report the status of these studies.

ITEM NO.: 74-6-3

Consideration of Proposed Fuel Additive Test Procedures for
Gasoline and Diesel Powered Vehicles.


Refer to Technical Committee for review.


Section 39052.10 of the California Health and Safety Code (H &
SC), enacted by Assembly Bill 1279, authorizes the Board to
conduct tests to determine the chemical and physical properties
of any fuel additives sold or proposed to be sold in California.
The bill directs the Board to test fuel additives to determine
any substances harmful to human health and/or any beneficial
effects on emission reduction. The bill also authorizes the
Board to charge the applicant a fee not to exceed the costs of
the evaluation tests. A copy of Section 39052.10 of the H & SC
is attached as Appendix I.

The proposed test procedures include two methods for evaluation
of fuel additives, one for gasoline and one for diesel fuel.
Gasoline additives will be tested for effects on emissions due to
combustion improvement and/or detergent action. Diesel additives
will be tested as combustion improvers and/or smoke suppressors
using a diesel engine or vehicle. Exhaust emissions and smoke
opacity will be measured in accordance with the Environmental
Protection Agency and Air Resources Board procedures.

This report is limited to the technical procedures for evaluating
additives. A program and policy for their use are now being
developed. The staff recommends that the procedure and program
be referred to the Technical Committee for further action.

Any individual or corporation withing to comment on these
proposed test procedures is invited to submit clearly identified
comments, in writing, to the staff on or before Friday, March 29,
1974 at the following address:

Air Resources Board Laboratory
9528 Telstar Avenue
El Monte, CA 91731

ITEM NO.: 74-6-4

Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Changes in Regulations
Regarding Exhaust Emission Standards and Test Procedures for Used
Light-Duty Vehicles (1955 Through 1965 Model Year).


Adopt Resolution 74-10.


The Legislature amended Section 39180 of the Health and Safety
Code by Statues 1971, Chapter 1096 to include a change in the
performance criteria for an exhaust emission control device of
used vehicles from an expected useful life of 50,000 to 30,000
miles. Resolution 74-10 is proposed to amend Section 2003, Title
13 of the Administrative Code in order to include this change in
criteria required by Section 39180 of the Health and Safety

The following amendments are proposed for these procedures as
they pertain to exhaust emission devices of systems only:

(1) A clarification to show that these exhaust procedures are
limited to the 1955 through 1965 model-year vehicles.

(2) The exhaust emission control device shall have an expected
useful life of 30,000 miles.

(3) The durability test fleet requirement will be an
accumulation of 16,000 miles instead of the previously
required 25,000 miles.

(4) Certain durability and emission test requirements may be
waived if the applicant demonstrates similarity between the
proposed system or device and previously accredited systems
or devices to the satisfaction of the Executive Officer.
This is to permit applicants to avail themselves of
experience and test results acquired from prior

ITEM NO.: 74-6-5

Public Hearing Concerning Proposed Vehicle Emission Standards for
1976 Model-Year Passenger Cards and Light-Duty Trucks.


Adopt Resolution 74-15.


Federal law requires California to obtain a waiver from the
Environmental Protection Agency in order to enforce standards
more stringent than those required nationwide. In the absence of
further Board action emission standards applicable to 1976 model
vehicles sold in California would revert to the levels required
nationally. Congress is now considering revision of the Clean
Air Act, and it is not clear what the national 1976 model
standards will be.

In response to this situation, the Board staff has studied the
ramifications of setting new emission standards for the 1976
model year, and proposes the adoption of the following:

1976 Model Passenger Cars (gm/mi) 0.9 - HC, CO, and 2.0 -

1976 Model Light-Duty Trucks (gm/mi) 0.9 - HC, 17.0 - CO,
and 2.0 NOx.

It is proposed to amend Sections 1955 and 1955.5 of Chapter 3,
Subchapter 1, Title 13, of the California Administrative Code and
the test procedures applicable to 1975 and subsequent model-year
passenger cars and 1975 model-year light-duty trucks to include
the changes required by adoption of the proposed standards. The
changes to these procedures are shown underlined in the attached

The proposed standards and amendments are contained in Resolution

The revisions to Sections 1955 and 1955.5 contained in Resolution
74-15 are substantively the same as noticed for this public
hearing, except for the following minor clerical changes:

1. Section 1955.
The proposed standards for the 1976 model-year
passenger cars are included in Subdivision c, rather
than adding a separate Subdivision d.

2. The last paragraph of Section 1955 accordingly differs
from the public hearing notice.

ITEM NO.: 74-6-6

Summary Report of Inspection Tests at New-Car Dealers of Vehicles
Previously Tested at Manufacturers' Assembly Plants.


None. Informational item.


The staff is inspecting new light-duty vehicles located on
dealers' premises as part of the assembly-line testing program.
This report summarizes results of idle emission tests and other
inspections. A number of vehicles were found to be out of
adjustment and also found to have idle exhaust emissions that
exceeded the control limits. These tests will form the basis of
an enforcement program beginning in April.

The staff has already reviewed the findings reported here with
the Board's Enforcement Committee. Based on the recommendation
of the Committee, the Executive Officer has taken the following

1. He notified all light-duty vehicular manufactures that the
staff will continue the inspection at dealerships. Starting
in April, enforcement action may be taken on violations.
Action may be against the manufacturer, the dealer, or both,
depending upon the circumstances.

2. He requested the manufacturers to provide the assembly-line
inspection test data of those vehicles which have been found
to exceed the control limits.

ITEM NO.: 74-6-7a

Minutes of the Enforcement Committee Meeting of February 12,


None. An informational item.


The Enforcement Committee meeting was convened to the review the
staff's assembly-line activities and observed deficiencies.
Plant inspections in general and the Volkswagen plant in
particular, quarterly report deficiencies, random selection of
quality audit vehicles, new-car dealership inspections, and
Ford's assembly-line testing of non-certified vehicles were
discussed. The Committee made recommendations which are noted in
the attached minutes.