Air Resources Board*
Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, CA

March 12, 1993
9:30 a.m.



93-5-1 Public Meeting to Consider Approval of the 001
Placer County 1991 Air Quality Attainment Plan
as Required by the California Clean Air Act.

93-5-2 Public Meeting to Consider Research Proposals 043

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ITEM NO.: 93-5-1

Public Meeting to Consider Approval of the Placer County 1991 Air
Quality Attainment Plan as Required by the California Clean Air


Approve the elements of the plan which fully comply with the Act.
Request the District to address the identified deficiencies in
the remaining elements, as specified below.


The Placer plan satisfies nearly all of the California Clean Air
Act requirements. All feasible measures have been included, the
appropriate stationary source retrofit measures are incorporated,
and the plan contains provisions to develop area and indirect
source control programs. The appropriate level of control
technology has been selected given the District's "serious"
classification. The Placer plan in combination with the 1992
Regional Transportation Plan-Congestion Management Plan addresses
all reasonably available transportation control measures.

However, there are a few issues with the plan. The required
permitting program (due in 1991) has not yet been adopted, and
the District has not yet demonstrated compliance with the Act's
transportation performance standard for average vehicle occupancy
(AVO). The District does not currently meet the uniformity
requirement and the legally required cost-effectiveness finding
the plan has not yet been made by the District Board.

The amendments to the California Clean Air Act which took effect
January 1, 1993 (AB 2783, Sher), changed certain requirements for
Placer County. The primary impact of this bill on Placer County
has been a change in its area classification from sever to
serious. Associated changes to permitting requirements and
transportation performance standards will be discussed at the

Staff recommends conditional approval of the plan, with specific
instructions for correcting outstanding plan elements: 1) adopt
the required permitting rule by July 1, 1993 (this schedule will
enable the District to consider any changes made to the ARB's
transport mitigation regulations at the Board's March 1993
hearing); 2) develop a mechanism for ensuring rule uniformity
with the Sacramento Air Quality Management District and provide
an update of progress in the 1994 plan update; 3) work with other
districts in the planning area and the Sacramento Area Council of
Governments on regional AVO monitoring and include measures
necessary to meet regional 1.4 AVO requirement in the 1994 plan
update; 4) submit a District Board finding that the plan is a
cost-effective strategy for attaining state standards by the
earliest practicable date.


Conditional approval of the plan will allow the District to begin
implementing all satisfactory plan elements while other plan
deficiencies are addressed. Emission reductions of 10 tons per
day (TPD) of ROG, and 5 TPD of NOx can be expected by end of 1994
from full implementation of the plan measures.