State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                     State Office Building
                           Room 1194
                     455 Golden Gate Avenue
                       San Francisco, CA
                       February 17, 1971
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . . . . . A.J. Haagen-Smit, Chairman

2.   Minutes of Meeting on January 20, 1971.

3.   Report of Technical Advisory Committee.

4.   Report of Inspection Study - James Norman, Northrop

5.   Amendments to Motor Vehicle Emission Test Procedures -
     (Federal Waiver).

6.   Report on Proposed Guidelines to Agricultural Burning.

7.   Emission Standard for Lead.

8.   Used Car Control.

9.   Gas Tax Exemption - Heavy-Duty Vehicles.

10.  Other Business.

11.  Remarks from the Audience.


Staff Report on Waiver Hearings and Amendments to Motor Vehicle
Emission Test Procedures.

The Environmental Protection Agency held a hearing on the
California waiver application in Los Angeles on January 26 and
27.  During the hearing a number of relatively minor
inconsistencies between the State and Federal test procedures
were aired.  Objections were also raised to several technical and
procedural provisions.  At the conclusion of the hearing, the
Hearing Officer, Mr. Megonnell, agreed to keep the record open
until February 22 to afford an opportunity to the Board to
consider procedure changes.


Staff Report on Proposed Guidelines for Agricultural Burning.

Chapter 1579 of the Statutes of 1970 (AB 16, Ketchum) contains
among others, provisions directing the Board to report to the
Legislature on the progress in the development of guidelines for
regulating agricultural burning.  A report was submitted to the
Legislature on January 15, 1971.  A copy of the report, which
includes a set of preliminary guidelines, is attached to this


Staff Report on Motor Vehicle Emission Standard for Lead.

At the January 20, 1971 Board meeting, a public hearing was held
on a proposed definition, and a motor vehicle emission standard
for lead.  After closing the public hearing, the Board requested
of the staff suggestions on a numerical value for the emission
standard.  Because of the short time available, it was not
possible to conduct extensive experimentation to develop the
necessary data on which such a standard could be based.  Instead,
a literature review of recent pertinent studies was made.  Based
on such a review, the staff concluded that a motor vehicle
emission standard for lead could be established at 0.01 gram per
mile.  the standard would refer to lead bearing particles less
than one micron ( ) emitted from vehicle exhaust as determined by
the procedure described by Habibi, et al (1).