State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                     State Office Building
                     455 Golden Gate Avenue
                       San Francisco, CA
                       February 16, 1972
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Statement . . . . . . . . . .A.J. Haagen-Smit, Ph.D.

2.   Minutes of Jan. 19, 1972 Meeting.

3.   Report of Technical Advisory Committee. . . . . . . . . . . 
 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .R. Robert Brattain,

4.   Used Car Control.

     a.   Report on Exhaust Emission Control Systems.
     b.   General Motors Device for 1955-65 Model Years.

5.   Exhaust NOx Emission Standards for 1966-70 Models -
     Amendments to Existing Test Procedure.

6.   Public Hearing - Enforcement Procedures.

7.   Approval or Modification of Coordinating Councils Basinwide
     Implementation Plans.

8.   Open-Burning Dumps.

     a.   Extension of Time.
     b.   Report on Dumps in Fresno and Madera Counties and City
          of Willits.

9.   Agricultural Burning Implementation Plans.

10.  Other Business.

     a.   Results of Assembly-Line Testing.
     b.   Report on Du Pont Device.
     c.   Report on Caffey-Rice Sawmill.
     d.   Meeting Dates and Places.
     e.   Proposed Federal Regulations on Lead.
     f.   Other Items.

11.  Summary of Air Pollution Legislation Enacted by the 1971
     State Legislature.

12.  Remarks from the Audience.


Status Report on Used Car Devices.

This report presents in summary form information on a number of
devices which have been or may be offered to the Board for
accreditation.  The basic laws and test procedures make a
distinction between used cars 1965 model and older and cars of
model year 1966 through 1970.  Although a number of the devices
are applicable to both categories with some modifications, the
two age classes will be considered separately in this report.


Application for Accreditation for an Exhaust Emission Control
Device for Used Vehicles.


At the December 15, 1971 Board Meeting, General Motors'
application for accreditation of a used car exhaust emission
control device for 1955 and 1965 model year vehicles was referred
to the staff for additional study.  The Board had indicated that
additional test data and information was needed concerning the
question of adverse driveability effects.  Fuel consumption with
and without the General Motors device was also measured.  The
application General Motors had submitted was for the
accreditation of a device to control hydrocarbons and oxides of
nitrogen for classes B, C, D, E, and F vehicles.  This report
summarizes the additional information and test data supplied by
General Motors and the Air Resources Board Laboratory.  The
December 15, 1971, Staff Report is included for reference


Proposed Standards for Oxides of Nitrogen Control Device (Exhaust
Emissions Test Procedures for Oxides of Nitrogen for 1966-70


This report presents a recommended standard for devices designed
to control oxides of nitrogen from 1966 through 1970 model year
vehicles.  Senate Bill 578 was enacted by the legislature and
signed by the Governor in November 1971.  This legislation
requires the Board to set standards for devices to significantly
reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen from the exhaust of 1966
through 1970 model year motor vehicles.  The bill also sets the
maximum retail price of the device at thirty-five dollars ($35)


Staff Report on Applications from Cities and Counties to Continue
Open Burning on Waste Disposal Sites.


 As of the December 15, 1971 meeting, the Air Resources Board
approved time extensions to use open fires for the purpose of
disposal of solid waste for 263 city or county disposal sites. 
Thirty-one additional requests for time extensions have been
received and evaluated.  In addition, the Board has received on
request for transfer of the extension granted to one site to
another site within the county.

The 31 requests for time extension and the request for transfer
of burning variance are approvable.

As requested by the Board during the December meeting, the staff
also investigated problems with the Madera County, the Willits
and the Meadow Lake dump sites.


Staff Report on the Status of Agricultural Burning Implementation

Thirty-one of the thirty-three Agricultural Burning
Implementation Plans from county air pollution control districts
that were required to submit such a plan have been approved by
the Board.  The plans of Los Angeles and Riverside Counties were
still pending after the December 15, 1971 Board meeting.  The
staff is recommending the approval of the Los Angeles plan, the
temporary approval of the Riverside plan and approval of a
request from the Yolo-Solano Unified Air Pollution Control
District to add to its list of burning permit issuing agencies.