Lincoln Plaza
Auditorium, First Floor
400 "P" Street
Sacramento, CA

February 14, 1991
9:30 a.m.



91-1-1 Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to 001
Regulations Regarding Test Methods for Determining
Emissions from Nonvehicular Sources.

91-1-2 Public Meeting to Consider How the New Federal ---
Clean Air Act Amendments Impact the California Clean
Air Act and Related State Programs.

91-1-3 Public Meeting to Review Major Issues Expected to ---
Require Board Action in the Next Twelve Months.

91-1-4 Public Meeting to Consider Advances in Low ---
Emission Vehicle Technology.

91-1-5 Consideration of Research Proposals: 192

ITEM NO.: 91-1-1

Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to Regulations Regarding
Test Methods for Determining Emissions from Nonvehicular Sources.


The staff recommends that the Board amend three existing test
methods, and amend Sections 94131, 94132, and 94142, Title 17,
California Code of Regulations which reference the three methods.


Determinations of gaseous and particulate matter emissions from
nonvehicular sources (stationary sources) are commonly called
"source tests" and are conducted to ascertain whether a source
complies with air pollution control laws and regulations and to
obtain emissions data for the state emission inventory. The
Board is authorized by Health and Safety Code Section 39607(d) to
adopt procedures ("test methods") by which source tests are
conducted. Since 1982, the ARB staff has developed and the Board
has adopted 48 test methods for measuring air emissions from
stationary sources.

The ARB staff is proposing amendments to the following existing
ARB Test Methods to expand their applicability to include gaseous
fluoride, 1,3-butadiene and acetaldehyde. The proposed revisions
will also update the methods to improve their accuracy and
precision, and to clarify certain sampling, analytical, and
quality control procedures.

* Method 421 - Determination of Gaseous Chloride and Fluoride
in Emissions from Stationary Sources [new name].

* Method 422 - Determination of Volatile Organic Compounds in
Emissions from Stationary Sources [new name].

* Method 430 - Determination of Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde
in Emissions from Stationary Sources [new name].

The public was given an opportunity to provide written or oral
comments on the proposed methods at a workshop held on July 19,
1990. a second workshop was held on December 19, 1990. Comments
received at this second workshop and during the 45 day comment
period will be addressed at the Board hearing.

Adoption of standardized test methods promotes uniformity and
quality assurance in source testing activities by establishing a
consistent data base of air pollution information to which all
testing organizations contribute. The broadened data base
afforded by the standardized test methods support and enhance
such activities as emission inventory mandated by the "Air Toxic
Hot Spots Information and Assessment Act of 1987," control
measure development, and air quality modeling.


Significant issues and public comments raised at workshops have
been addressed by subsequent proposed revisions to the test
methods. The staff believes that adoption of the proposed
methods would not result in any significant adverse air quality,
environmental, or economic impacts.