State Building
Auditorium, Room 1138
107 S. Broadway
Los Angeles, CA

February 9, 1989
1:00 p.m.



89-2-1 Pollution of the Earths Atmosphere: Implications
for California.

February 10, 1989
8:30 a.m.

89-3-1 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of 001
Amendments to Abrasive Blasting Regulations.

89-3-2 Public Meeting to Consider an Update to List of 095
Substances: Toxic Air Contaminant Program.

89-3-3 Status of Toxic Control Measure Development.

89-3-4 Chrome Plating Control Demonstration Project

Research Proposals

Closed Session -- Discussion of:

Delano Energy Co., Inc., et al. vs. State of California
Air Resources Board, San Diego County Superior Ct. No.
606667 (Authorized Under Government Code Section

State of California, et al. vs. Donald P. Hodel, et
al., U.S. District Court, Central District of
California (CV No. 81-3234-JM1).

ITEM #89-3-1

Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of Amendments to Abrasive
Blasting Regulations.

Not heard. Postponed to a later Board Meeting.

ITEM #89-3-2

Public Meeting to consider an Update to List of Substances: toxic
Air Contaminant Program.


The staff recommends that the Board approve the revisions to the
Status of Toxic Air Contaminant Identification List as proposed
in the staff report.


This report presents the latest update to the list of substances
to be considered in the Boards Toxic Air Contaminant Program.
The first list was approved by the Board in January 1984 and
updated in March 1985, March 1987, and February 1988. The
proposed list Status of Toxic Air Contaminant Identification -
February 1989", reflects changes to the February 1988 list.

The proposed list was developed by reviewing new information from
the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency and the National Toxicology
Program, and 1987 emissions information obtained from the
Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act, Title III, Section
313 Toxic Chemical Release Inventory. Staff also conducted a
review of health effects, emissions, exposure, usage, and
atmospheric chemistry information and held discussions with the
Department of Health Services and the Scientific Review Panel. A
request for information on substances on the February 1988 list
and the substances under consideration for addition to the list
was mailed to the public on November 30, 1988.