State of California

Ambassador Hotel
Boulevard Room
3400 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

January 25, 1977
10:00 a.m.


77-1-1 Minutes.

77-1-2 Research Proposals.

77-1-3 Report of Staff to the Board Concerning Testing
Practices of Datsun.

77-1-4 Continuation of Public Hearing on NOx Exhaust Standard
for 1982 and Later Model Motor Vehicles.

77-1-5 Public Hearing on Assembly-line Test Procedures for
1978 Motor Vehicles.

77-1-6 Other Business
a. Executive Session - Personnel and Litigation

ITEM NO.: 77-1-2

Research Proposal to Augment Scope of Contract ARB 5-1323,
"Control of Hydrocarbon Emissions from Stationary Sources in the
South Coast Air Basin".


Adopt Resolution 77-3 approved additional funds for Contract ARB
5-1323, not to exceed $64,500.


Of the proposals received in response to the RFP for the
hydrocarbon emission inventory, that from KVB was judged to be
most responsive to the needs of the ARB and subsequently a
contract was awarded. Early in the program, after KVB made a
presentation on their approach to developing the inventory to the
ARB staff, it was apparent that the results would not fulfill all
of the expectations and needs of the staff. Several ARB units
defined and submitted additional requirements for data they felt
were essential to obtain maximum benefits from the program.
These new requirements for work beyond the original intended
scope of the contract were transmitted to KVB and instigated this
proposal for additional work and funding. The original program
requirements for assessment of organic emissions by individual
hydrocarbon species and evaluation of control strategy
effectiveness were not changed.

The new tasks that KVB has been asked to perform are: (1)
collection of emission and source data in the emission inventory
system (EIS) format; (2) summarization of test data in the ARB
three-class reactivity scheme; and (3) aggregation of all the
emission data into a one-kilometer grid square format.

These revised requirements are essential so that: (1) the
hydrocarbon data inventory generated by this program can be
integrated into the emission inventory system; (2) the relative
quantities of hydrocarbons within each of the reactivity groups
can be evaluated; and (3) the aggregated emission data can be
most effectively utilized in atmospheric simulation models.

The staff recommends that the supplemental efforts be funded so
that maximum benefits can be derived from this project.

ITEM NO.: 77-1-4

Continuation of Public Hearing on NOx Exhaust Standard for 1982
and Later Model Motor Vehicles.

Note: The November 23, 1976 Staff Report "Public Hearing
on Proposed Changes to Regulations Regarding
Exhaust Emission Standards and Test Procedures for
1979 and Subsequent Model Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks
and Medium-Duty Vehicles" is attached for information.

ITEM NO.: 77-1-5

Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Assembly-Line Test
procedures and Regulations for 1978 Model-Year Passenger Cars,
Light-Duty Trucks and Medium-Duty Vehicles.


Adopt Resolution No. 77-4.


Amendments to the existing assembly-line test procedures are
being proposed primarily for clarification of language and
restructuring. The only substantive change is the addition of
medium-duty vehicles as a class requiring assembly-line testing.
Selection and test requirements for four wheel drive vehicles
have been clarified.

The amendments also set forth the Board's existing interpretation
of the penalty provisions of Sections 43211 and 43212 of the
California Health and Safety Code, namely, that the Board may
seek such penalties in addition to invoking Section 2109 of Title
13, California Administrative Code.

Also, Section 2055 of Title 13, which presently applies to 1977
and subsequent model years is amended to limit its application to
the 1977 model year only.

ATTACHMENTS: Resolution 77-4
Staff Report 77-1-5
Assembly-Line Test Procedures for 1978 Model-Year
(Appendix I)
Public Hearing Notice (Appendix II)