State of California
                      AIR RESOURCES BOARD
                    Junipero Serra Building
                   107 S. Broadway, Room 1138
                        Los Angeles, CA
                        January 21, 1970
                           9:30 a.m.

1.   Opening Remarks . . . . . .A.J. Haagen-Smit, Ph.D., Chairman

2.   Business Meeting.

     a.   Minutes of Meeting of November 19, 1969.
     b.   Report of Technical Advisory Committee.
     c.   Public Hearing on Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission
          Standards after 1974 Models.
     d.   Continued Public Hearing: Test procedures in Used Motor
          Vehicles Under 6,001 Pounds Gross Vehicle Weight.
     e.   Staff Reports.
          1.   Summary of Approvals of 1970 Models.
          2.   Oxides of Nitrogen Emissions, 1970 Models.
          3.   Surveillance of Emissions, 1966-1969 Models.
          4.   Legislation.
          5.   Power Plants.
     f.   Other Business.
          1.   Accreditation - Mark II Crankcase Emission Control
          2.   Permits.
          3.   Other.
     g.   Committee Reports.

3.   Remarks from the Audience.


Test Procedures for Used Vehicles.

The proposed procedures were considered by the Board at its
meeting on November 19, 1969, when only one question was raised
on the procedures.  Mr. Charles Heinen of the Chrysler
Corporation felt that the procedures should not require the
control system be suitable for all or most classes of vehicles. 
He felt that his company should be able to obtain accreditation
of a system that applied only to used Chrysler cars.  The Air
Resources Board's staff pointed out that if only Chrysler
developed a system, most owners of cars would not be required to
have used car control, but Chrysler owners would.

The Board continued the hearing until January 21, 1970, and asked
the staff and Mr. Jan Stevens of the Attorney General's office to
prepare statements on this issue.


Report on Surveillance of Exhaust Control Systems.


The Air Resources Board has conducted a surveillance test program
since early in the 1966 automobile model year.  This testing has
been done to evaluate the performance of the control systems in
use by the public and to assess the effectiveness of the motor
vehicle emission program.

Under California law, most 1966 and later model year vehicles are
required to have systems which reduce the hydrocarbons and carbon
monoxide emitted from the exhaust.  These control systems are
certified by the Air Resources Board when it finds that the
emission standards for hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are met.

Because the certification must be issued before production of the
new models begins, it is necessary to base the certification on
data derived from testing pre-production vehicles.  The
surveillance program therefore, performs the additional function
of determining how the emissions from cars in private use differ
from those of the pre-production models.

A report of this program was given to the Board at its January
1969 meeting.  since that report 3514 additional vehicles have
been tested in this program and oxides of nitrogen emissions are
obtained in a routine manner.


Automotive Performance, Inc. "Mark II" Crankcase Emission Control


This report presents the evaluation of the Automotive
Performance, Inc. "Mark II" closed crankcase emission control
system by the staff of the Air Resources Board.  The bases of
evaluation are the requirements set forth in title 13 of the
California Administrative Code, Chapter 3, Subchapter 1, Sections
2000 to 2004.  Since approval is sought for used car
installations, the report deals with both the California
Crankcase Emission Standard and compliance with the Board