State of California

Resources Building
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA

January 15, 1976
10:00 a.m.



76-1-1 Approval of Minutes of November 3 and November 4,
1975 Board Meetings.

76-1-2 Report on Development of Proposed Procedures 1
for Certification of Vapor Recovery Systems.

76-1-3 Report on Development of Specifications for Fill 57
Pipes and Fuel Tank Openings on 1977 and Later
Model Gasoline-Powered Motor Vehicles.

76-1-4 Public Hearing - Amendments to Regulations 74
Concerning Emission Standards and Test Procedures
of Motorcycles.

76-1-5 Consideration of the Ambient Air Quality Standard 174
for Lead.

76-1-6 Other Business -
a. Executive Session - Personnel & Litigation
b. Research Proposals

76-1-7 Remarks from Audience.

ITEM NO.: 76-1-2

Progress Report on the Development of Proposed Procedures for
Certification of Vapor Recovery Systems.


This is an informational report.


State law requires the Board to adopt procedures for the
certification of gasoline vapor control systems. Preliminary
proposed procedures for the certification of gasoline vapor
recovery systems for service stations capable of meeting the Air
Resources Board's requirement for 90 percent control of gasoline
vapor emissions have been developed by the staff and are
presented for the Board's information. The procedures include:
general standards, performance standards, application procedures,
test procedures to be used for determining compliance, fees to be
charged, conduct of the test, and specifications for issuing
certification. The staff plans to schedule a public hearing to
be held at the February Board meeting, for the Board to consider
adoption the procedures.

ITEM NO.: 76-1-3

Report on Development of Specifications for Fill Pipes and Fuel
Tank Openings on 1977 and Later Model Year Gasoline-Powered Motor


Schedule a public hearing for February to consider the adoption
of proposed specifications.


Health and Safety Code Section 39068.7 requires the Air Resources
Board to adopt specifications for the fill pipes and openings of
motor vehicle fuel tanks by March 1, 1976.

The staff is proposing specifications which are similar to those
proposed by a task force of the Society of Automotive Engineers.
The staff proposal is shown in Attachment II.

ITEM NO.: 76-1-4

Public Hearing Regarding Amendment of Emission Standards and Test
Procedures for Motorcycles.


Adopt Resolution 76-1.


At the July 15, 1975 Board meeting, the Board directed the staff
to meet with the motorcycle manufacturers and consider changes to
the newly adopted motorcycle standards and test procedures in the
areas of useful-life definition and maintenance. The Board
further directed that the California procedures should be made as
consistent as possible with the proposed EPA regulations. The
staff met with the five major motorcycle manufacturers on October
23, 1975 and discussed the definition of useful life and
maintenance requirements. The staff also reviewed the October
22, 1975 Notice of Proposed Rule Making issued by the EPA
concerning motorcycle regulations. After a review of this
material, the staff substituted "total life" for "useful life"
and incorporated maintenance revisions, EPA revisions, and
clarification of some existing sections of the September 2, 1975
amended version of the California procedures into the proposed
January 15, 1976 version of the California procedures.

ITEM NO.: 76-1-5

Consideration of the Ambient Air Quality Standard for Lead.


On November 3 and 4, 1975, the Board held a public hearing to
receive oral and written testimony concerning the California
ambient air quality standard for lead of 1-1/2 micrograms per
cubic meter, 30 day average. Petitions requesting such
reconsideration were submitted by the Ethyl Corporation, E.I.
DuPont deNemours and Company, Nalco Chemical Company, Houston
Chemical Company, and the lead Industries Association.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the Board directed that the
record be held open for written comment until November 25, 1975.
This date was extended to December 31, 1975 at the request of the

The Board's findings will be presented at the meeting.