South Coast Air Quality
Management District
McCandless Auditorium
9150 Flair Drive
El Monte, CA

February 28, 1986
1:30 p.m.



86-2-1 CONTINUATION OF Public hearing to Consider
Amendments to Section 70200, Title 17, California
Administrative Code, Regarding the Short-Term
(One-Hour) State Ambient Air Quality Standard for
Nitrogen Dioxide.

86-2-2 Status Report on Monitoring Oil Refinery Flares. 001

86-2-3 Status Report of Meetings with Scientific Review
Panel Members Concerning Improvements in the
AB 1807 Review Process on Toxic Air Contaminants.

86-2-4 Joint Meeting of the Air Resources Board and
California Air Pollution Control District
Advisory Council Members--General Discussion of
the Role and Functions of Advisory Councils and
Identification of Issues of Mutual Concern.

Other Business

a. Closed Session
1. Personnel (as authorized by State Agency Open Meeting
Act, Govt. Code Sec. 11126(a).)
2. Litigation (Pursuant to the attorney-client privilege,
Evidence Code Sec. 950-962, and Govt. Code Sec. 11126(q).)
b. Research Proposals 084
c. Delegations to Executive Officer