Resources Agency Building
Auditorium, First Floor
1416 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA

January 23, 1986
10:00 a.m.



86-1-1 Second Annual Joint Meeting of the Air Resources
Board and Scientific Review Panel on Toxic Air

86-1-2 Public hearing to Consider the Adoption of a 001
Regulatory Amendment Changing the Boundary
Between the Mountain Counties Air Basin and the
Sacramento Valley Air Basin in Placer County.

86-1-3 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a 037
Regulatory Amendment Identifying Hexavalent
Chromium as a Toxic Air Contaminant.

Other Business

a. Closed Session
1. Personnel (as authorized by State Agency Open Meeting
Act, Govt. Code Sec. 11126(a).)
2. Litigation (Pursuant to the attorney-client privilege,
Evidence Code Sec. 950-962, and Govt. Code Sec.
b. Research Proposals
1. Research Proposal Number 1341-120 entitled "An Analysis
of the Sacramento Valley Experiment."
2. Research Proposal Number 1352-121 entitled "Development
and Implementation of an Up-to-Date Photochemical
Mechanism for Use in Airshed Modeling." By
University of California, Riverside.
3. Research Proposal Number 95-15 entitled "Effects if
Acid Deposition on Materials." By Environmental
Monitoring & Services, Inc.
c. Invitation for Bid entitled "Base Map for Emerald Lake Watershed."

c.   Delegations to Executive Officer

ITEM NO.: 86-1-3

Proposed Identification of Hexavalent Chromium as a Toxic Air
Contaminant (Regulatory).


The ARB staff recommends that hexavalent chromium (Cr(VI)) be
identified as a toxic air contaminant having no identified
threshold exposure level below which no significant adverse
health effects are anticipated.


In accordance with the provisions of Health & Safety Code Section
39650 et seq, the ARB staff, after consulting the Department of
Health Services (DHS) selected hexavalent chromium for the
Board's consideration for listing as a toxic air contaminant.
The staff selected hexavalent chromium because it is a known
animal carcinogen and potential human carcinogen, it is emitted
from certain industrial processes, and has been measured in the
ambient air.

As required by Health & Safety Code Section 39661, a report was
prepared jointly by DHS and ARB staff reviewing the health
effects and anticipated exposure levels of hexavalent chromium.
The report was submitted to the Scientific Review Panel
established by Section 39670. The Scientific Review Panel found
that the chromium report is scientifically acceptable and
submitted its written findings to the Board. The Scientific
Review Panel has recommended that the Air Resources Board list
hexavalent chromium by regulation as a toxic air contaminant, but
was unable to recommend an exposure level below which
carcinogenic effects would not have some probability of


The identification of hexavalent chromium as a toxic air
contaminant will not in itself have any environmental or economic
impacts. However, specific control measures may be developed
subsequent to identification. Analyses of potential
environmental and economic impacts will be included in the
consideration of such control measures.