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LOCATION: Air Resources Board
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November 16, 1995
9:30 a.m.

95-12-1 Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Criteria for Designating Areas of California as Nonattainment, Attainment, or Unclassified, Amendments to the Area Designations for the State Ambient Air Quality Standards, and Amendments to the San Joaquin Valley and Southeast Desert Air Basin Boundaries

This item will propose changes to 1) the criteria for determining area designations as nonattainment, attainment, and unclassified, 2) the area designations, and 3) the air basin boundary between San Joaquin Valley and Southeast Desert Air Basin in Kern County.

95-12-2 Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Gasoline Deposit Control Additive Regulation

Amendments to the regulation are being proposed to fine tune California's gasoline additive program. The amendments will provide clarity, specificity and flexibility to the regulation. In addition, the proposed amendments are to provide consistency with certain aspects of the anticipated federal vehicle testing requirements for deposit control additives.

95-12-3 Public Meeting to Consider a Status Report on Consumer Product Manufacturers' Compliance With "Future Effective" Standards

Staff will provide a summary of consumer product manufacturers' reformulation efforts to comply with the "Future Effective" standards of the Phase I consumer products regulation and the amendments (Phase II) to the regulation. The primary focus will be on those product categories which have standards effective on January 1, 1996. These include: single-phase aerosol air fresheners, engine degreasers, "all other forms" glass cleaners, and nail polish removers.

95-12-4 Public Meeting to Update the Board on the Technological Progress of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs)

As part of the ongoing review of the technological progress of ZEVs, the staff has conducted a series of public forums in 1995. The staff updated the Board on the progress of these forums at the October 26, 1995 Board meeting. The last public forum will be held on November 8, 1995. An informational report will be provided to the Board to update them on the information received at this last public forum.

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