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LOCATION: Air Resources Board
* Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, California 95814

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September 28, 1995
9:30 a.m.

95-9-1 Public Hearing to Consider Amendments to the Certification Requirements and Procedures for Low-Emission Passenger Cars, Light-Duty Trucks, and Medium-Duty Vehicles

The Air Resources Board will consider proposals to expedite the implementation of ultra-low emission medium-duty vehicles consistent with the recently adopted State Implementation Plan, adopt new reactivity adjustment factors for light- and medium-duty vehicles, and consider numerous changes to vehicle test procedures and other requirements to improve implementation of the low-emission vehicle program.

95-9-2 Public Meeting to Consider an Update on Implementation of California Reformulated Gasoline

Staff will provide a summary of activities to support implementation of California reformulated gasoline, and give a status report of the test programs being conducted to investigate performance/compatibility issues and efforts to do a public outreach program.

95-9-3 Public Hearing to Consider Adoption of Amendments to the California Regulations for Reducing Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Antiperspirants and Deodorants, Consumer Products, and Aerosol Coating Products

Staff will propose amendments to the regulation limiting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in antiperspirants and deodorants to address potential competitiveness concerns raised by some antiperspirant and deodorant manufacturers. This regulation is also being amended to make its provisions more consistent with the consumer products regulation. Staff will also propose to exempt four additional compounds from the VOC definition in all three of California's regulations limiting VOCs in consumer products: the consumer products regulation, the antiperspirant and deodorant regulation, and the aerosol coatings regulation.

September 29, 1995
8:30 a.m.

95-10-1 Public Meeting to Consider the First Biennial Report to the Legislature on the Connelly-Areias-Chandler Rice Straw Burning Reduction Act of 1991

AB 1378 required the Air Resources Board and California Department of Food and Agriculture to report jointly to the Legislature on the progress of the Rice Straw Burning Reduction Act of 1991. This report recommends that some of the phase-down provisions of this Act be paused for three years at the 50% level.

95-10-2 Public Meeting to Consider Research Proposal:

Proposal Number 2210-190, entitled "Aerosol Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry as a Real-Time Monitor of Individual Aerosol Particles in Field Studies," submitted by the University of California at Riverside, for a total amount not to exceed $322,244.

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