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LOCATION: Air Resources Board
* Board Hearing Room, Lower Level
2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, California 95814

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July 25, 1996
9:30 a.m.

96-6-1 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption and Amendments to the Emission Inventory Criteria and Guidelines Report Adopted Pursuant to the Air Toxics "Hot Spots" Information and Assessment Act of 1987

The staff is proposing amendments to the Emission Inventory Criteria and Guidelines Report to exempt low risk facilities from reporting requirements and to streamline reporting requirements for intermediate and high risk facilities. The staff is also proposing to streamline other requirements in the Report and to add improvements that will focus reporting on those facilities and substances of most concern.

96-6-2 Public Meeting to Consider a Draft Report: Planned Air Pollution Research: 1996 Update

Staff will present the Planned Air Pollution Research: 1996 Update to the Board for approval. This describes ongoing research projects to be funded this fiscal year. Appendices show more detailed description of the projects and the Board's research budget.

Closed Session to Consider Personnel Matters Under Government Code Section 11126 (a)

Health and Safety Code section 39515 (a) provides that "the state board shall appoint an executive officer who shall serve at the pleasure of the state board." The current Executive Officer has tendered his resignation effective August 15, 1996. The Board will hold a closed session as authorized by Government Code section 11126 (a) to consider the appointment of a new Executive Officer.

96-6-3 Public Meeting to Consider an Update on Development of the PM10 State Implementation Plan

Staff will update the Board on development of the PM10 State Implementation Plan. Presentation will include a discussion of federal requirements and PM10 attainment plans due by February 1997.

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