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LOCATION: Air Resources Board
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2020 "L" Street
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June 14, 1996
8:30 a.m.

96-5-1 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a Regulation and Criteria for Equipment and Process Precertification

Health and Safety Code 39620 requires the Air Resources Board to establish a program to precertify simple, commonly used equipment and processes as being in compliance with air quality rules and regulations. The Board will consider adoption of the proposed regulation and criteria in order to fulfill this mandate.

96-5-2 Public Meeting to Consider the Adoption of a Nonregulatory Amendment to Remove Acetone from Category III of the AB 1807 Toxic Air Contaminant Identification List

The U.S. EPA recently removed acetone from section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-To-Know Act. The Chemical Manufacturers Association has petitioned ARB to remove acetone from its lists of air toxics subject to the AB 1807 Toxic Air Contaminant (TAC) Program and the "Hot Spots" Program. Staff is proposing that acetone be removed from Category III of the TAC list.

96-5-3 Public Meeting to Consider Approval of a Proposed Report to the California State Legislature on Funding Sources of California's Air Pollution Control Districts with Annual Budgets Exceeding One Million Dollars

In response to Health and Safety Code 43211.1 the Proposed Annual Report to the Legislature has been prepared and will be submitted for consideration by the Board. The report describes district budget processes, sources of funding, and the relative contributions to each air district's programs from industry and other fees and from enforcement activities.

96-5-4 Public Meeting to Consider Proposals for the Air Resources Board's Innovative Clean Air Technologies Program

Research proposals will be brought to the Board for approval. These were received in response to a Request for Proposal issued earlier this fiscal year for the Innovative Clean Air Technology Program.

96-5-5 Public Meeting to Consider Research Proposal:

Proposal No. 2245-193, entitled "Incorporation of Radio Transponders into Vehicular On-Board Diagnostic Systems," submitted by Sierra Research Inc., for a total amount not to exceed $549,994

96-5-6 Public Meeting to Update the Board on the Status of the California Cleaner Burning Gasoline (CaRFG) Regulation Implementation Efforts

Staff will provide information regarding the supply and price of gasoline and diesel fuel focusing on what has occurred since the April 25, 1996 Board meeting. Also, as directed at the April meeting, staff will provide a status report on its analysis of how the Board's cleaner burning gasoline and diesel rules affected California supplies of these fuels.

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