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May 22, 1997
9:30 a.m.

97-4-1 Public Meeting to Consider Approval of the Proposed Report to the California State Legislature on Funding Sources of California's Air Pollution Control Districts With Annual Budgets Exceeding One Million Dollars

In response to Health & Safety Code 43211.1, the proposed Report to the Legislature has been prepared and will be submitted for consideration by the Board. The report describes district budget processes, sources of funding, and the relative contributions to each air district's programs from industry and other fees and from enforcement activities.
97-4-2 Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a Statewide Methodology to Calculate the Value of Interchangeable Emission Reduction Credits

State law requires the Air Resources Board to develop and adopt a methodology for use by air pollution control districts to calculate the value of credits issued for surplus emission reductions from stationary, mobile, and area sources when the credits are used to meet multiple district requirements. The proposed rule provides a general framework for the trading of emission credits at the district level.
97-4-3 Public Hearing to Consider a One-Year Postponement of the Requirement that 1998 and Subsequent Model-Year Vehicles Produced by Ultra-Small Volume Manufacturers Meet the Enhanced Evaporative Emission Requirements

The Coalition of Small Volume Manufacturers has requested a one-year delay in the enhanced evaporative emission regulatory requirements for ultra-small volume manufacturers (USVMs). Air Resources Board staff is proposing that the Board grant a one-year delay in the regulation for manufacturers with California new vehicle sales of 300 or less. All manufacturers, including USVMs, will be required to comply with 100% of their vehicle fleet in the 1999 model year.
97-4-4 Public Meeting to Consider the Role of Fuel Cell Technologies in the Low- and Zero-Emission Vehicle Program

Air Resources Board staff will provide the Board with a briefing on the latest developments in fuel cells for vehicle applications and report on formation of a Fuel Cell Advisory Panel to provide assistance to ARB in evaluating technology.

Public Meeting to Consider Research Proposals:

Proposal No. 2326-198, entitled, "Heavy-Duty Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer Testing for Emissions Inventory," submitted by California Truck Testing Services, for a total amount not to exceed $803,715

Proposal No. 2321-198, entitled, "Incorporation of Radio Transponders into Vehicle On-Board Diagnostic Systems," submitted by Sierra Research Inc., for a total amount not to exceed $299,706

Proposal No. 2322-198, entitled, "Development of Toxics Emissions Factors from Source Test Data Collected Under the Air Toxics Hot Spots Program-Part II," submitted by Energy and Environmental Research Corporation, for a total amount not to exceed $149,885

Proposal No. 2331-198, entitled "Demonstration of a Diesel-Fuel-Borne Catalyst System and Low-NOx Control Technology for Reducing Particulate and NOx Emissions," submitted by the SCAQMD, for a total amount not to exceed $275,000

Proposal No. 2329-198, entitled "Review and Improvement of Methods for Estimating Rates of Photolysis in Photochemical Models," submitted by the University of California, Berkeley, for a total amount not to exceed $182,302

Proposal No. 2330-198, entitled "Evaluation of Factors that Affect Diesel Exhaust Toxicity," submitted by the University of California, Riverside, for a total amount not to exceed $102,458

Proposal No. 2233-196, entitled "Determination of the Horizontal Diffusion Coefficient for Use in the SARMAP Air Quality Model," submitted by the EARTH TECH Inc., for a total amount not to exceed $94,352

Open Session to Provide an Opportunity for Members of the Public to Address the Board on Subject Matters Within the Jurisdiction of the Board

Although no formal Board action may be taken, the Board is allowing an opportunity to interested members of the public to address the Board on items of interest that are within the Board’s jurisdiction, but that do not specifically appear on the agenda. Each person will be allowed a maximum of five minutes to ensure that everyone has a chance to speak.


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