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LOCATION: Air Resources Board
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2020 "L" Street
Sacramento, California 95814

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February 23, 1995
9:30 a.m.

95-2-1 Public Meeting to Consider a Summary of the Air Resources Board's 1995 Regulatory Rulemaking Calendar

The Air Resources Board (ARB) is responsible for implementing those statutes of the Health and Safety Code pertaining to the control of air pollution. Accordingly, ARB prepares an annual regulatory rulemaking calendar setting forth the projects and proposals which the Board will be bringing forth. The calendar has been submitted to t he Office of Administrative Law, and will be printed in the California Regulatory Notice Register.

95-2-2 Public Meeting to Consider a Status Report on the State Implementation Plan (SIP) and the Federal Implementation Plan (FIP)

The SIP was adopted on November 15, 1994 to meet Federal Clean Air Act requirements and to replace the US EPA's proposed FIP. Staff will update the Board on efforts underway to expedite approval of the SIP by US EPA and to remove the FIP mandate.

95-2-3 Public Meeting to Consider an Information Report on the Status of Air Pollution Control District Implementation of Smoking Vehicle Programs

A number of air pollution control districts throughout California have implemented Smoking Vehicle Reporting Programs. Staff will present an overview of current programs.

95-2-4 Public Meeting to Consider a Proposed Report to the State Legislature on the Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Program

State law requires the ARB to report to the Legislature on the use of the motor vehicle registration fees to support implementation of the California Clean Air Act (CCAA). The funds are used to reduce air pollution from motor vehicles and for related CCAA planning, monitoring, enforcement and technical studies. Staff have prepared a proposed report that includes a summary of the program, conclusions, and recommendations.

95-2-5 Public Meeting to Consider an Update on the Refiners Progress to Comply with Reformulated Gasoline Regulations

This report will present a background and summary of the State and Federal reformulated gasoline (RFG) programs, the implementation status of these regulations, and describe the efforts of the ARB and its RFG Advisory Committee to ensure a smooth transition to Phase 2 RFG.

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