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Programs are the specific actions, research areas, or regulatory responsibilities of the California Air Resources Board.

Programs are how the Board works to protect public health by improving and protecting air quality. Programs support all aspects of the work of the CARB, from research and measurements, to policy implementation and regulation enforcement.

Air Toxics ProgramN/A Airborne Toxics, Consumer ProductsTransportation and Toxics Division
Carl Moyer Program: LocomotivesN/A N/A Mobile Source Control Division
Carl Moyer Program: State Reserve N/A Incentives, Construction & Earthmoving Equipment, AgricultureMobile Source Control Division
Chrome Plating ATCMN/A Airborne ToxicsTransportation and Toxics Division
Composite Wood Products Airborne Toxic Control MeasureN/A Airborne ToxicsTransportation and Toxics Division
Diesel Risk Reduction PlanN/A Airborne ToxicsTransportation and Toxics Division
Emergency Backup GeneratorsN/A Energy, Power Equipment, Enforcement, SmokeN/A
Hot Spots Analysis & Reporting ProgramN/A Airborne ToxicsTransportation and Toxics Division
In-Use Off-Road Diesel-Fueled Fleets RegulationN/A Construction & Earthmoving Equipment, Lawn, Garden & Landscape EquipmentMobile Source Control Division
Incident Air MonitoringN/A Air Pollution, Air Quality Monitoring, Airborne Toxics, SmokeMobile Source Laboratory Division
Independent Contractor ProgramN/A Air Pollution, Airborne Toxics, Industry & ManufacturingMobile Source Laboratory Division
Indoor AirN/A Air Pollution, Airborne Toxics, Consumer Products, Environmental Justice, Health, Indoor Air Quality & Exposure, Research, Simple Solutions to Improve Air Quality, SmokeResearch Division
Naturally Occurring AsbestosN/A Airborne Toxics, Enforcement, Air Quality MonitoringTransportation and Toxics Division
Outdoor Residential Waste BurningN/A Air Pollution, Airborne ToxicsAir Quality Planning and Science Division
Phase Out of Perchloroethlyene from the Dry Cleaning ProcessN/A Airborne ToxicsTransportation and Toxics Division
Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) EventsN/A Smoke, Energy, Power EquipmentN/A
School BusesN/A On-Road Heavy-Duty Vehicles, Airborne ToxicsMobile Source Control Division
Study of Neighborhood Air near Petroleum SourcesN/A Environmental Justice, Airborne ToxicsIndustrial Strategies Division
Transport Refrigeration UnitN/A Airborne Toxics, Air Pollution, Freight & Goods Movement, On-Road Heavy-Duty VehiclesTransportation and Toxics Division
Vapor RecoveryN/A Fuels, Airborne Toxics, EnforcementMonitoring and Laboratory Division
Vapor Recovery - OverpressureN/A Airborne Toxics, Air Pollution, Fuels, Clean CarsMobile Source Laboratory Division
Welding EmissionsN/A Airborne ToxicsTransportation and Toxics Division