green trees line both banks of the sacramento river. the yellow tower bridge crosses the blue water leading to the tall buildings of the sacrament skyline. the scene is set against a clear blue sky.

Join the CARB Team

The CARB employs over 1000 staff as engineers, scientists, attorneys, automotive technicians, information specialists, administrative analysts, and clerical support. Positions are located in Sacramento and El Monte.

CARB operates under the civil service system of the State of California. Hiring decisions are based on a person's eligibility on employment lists which are established through written examinations, supplemental applications, and/or personal interviews. For non-State employees, you must compete in the examination for the specific classification and be on the hiring list in the first three ranks.  For existing State employees, hires can be made from CARB promotional lists or transfers from other State departments. Getting a job with the State of California is now simpler than ever. Start by creating a CalCareer account.

Why Choose CARB?

  • CARB offers a variety of career opportunities in promoting and protecting the public health, welfare, and ecological resources.
  • CARB values diversity and inclusion, facilitates employee recognition, actively promotes career development, and values employee contribution.
  • Headquartered in the beautiful CalEPA building in downtown Sacramento, with multiple offices located throughout Northern and Southern California.
  • We offer retirement and health benefit packages, competitive salaries, and opportunities for advancement.