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Kern Council of Governments (KernCog)

Metropolitan Planning Organization for Kern County

Kern Council of Governments (KernCOG), the federally-designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Kern County and its eleven cities, is located in California’s San Joaquin Valley. KernCOG is located north of Southern California and is the Southernmost MPO in the San Joaquin Valley. KernCOG adopted its first Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (RTP/SCS) in 2014.

KernCOG serves a significant agricultural region of the State that has unique socioeconomic characteristics and environmental challenges.  Implementation of KernCOG’s 2014 RTP/SCS would change the region’s historical land use pattern and transportation investments through 2040.  It would focus new growth within existing urban boundaries as compact infill development, increase the number of households and jobs with access to transit, and increase the proportion of multi-family and small-lot single-family homes.  The plan also dedicates a greater amount of funding for active transportation infrastructure and public transit, compared to RTPs prior to SB 375.  Planned transit improvements include adding additional buses for fixed routes and express service throughout the region, establishing additional transit transfer stations, and adding a new bus rapid transit system in Metropolitan Bakersfield. Access to rural employment centers would also be improved, with plans to double the number of vanpool riders and construct the region’s first high-occupancy vehicle lanes to accommodate an increasing number of carpoolers.

2014 RTP/SCS

San Joaquin Valley SCS Efforts (SJV)

Initially the SJV MPOs considered preparing one collective SCS for encompassing all MPO regions in the SJV. This initial effort changed and resulted in each SJV MPO producing their own SCS. Past documentation regarding SVJ SCS efforts are listed below:

  • CARB staff's update on SB 375 implementation in the Valley (July 2014)
  • CARB staff's update on SB 375 implementation in the Valley (May 2014) 
  • CARB public meeting presentation reporting on SB 375 implementation status (Jan. 2014) 
  • CARB staff's update on SB 375 implementation in the Valley (Jan. 2013) 
  • Technical methodology for quantifying GHG emissions for all eight SJV MPOs (Feb. 2014)


Learn more about KCOG's current efforts to prepare the 2018 RTP/SCS.