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An air pollution control device that traps particulates by forcing gas streams through large permeable bags usually made of glass fibers. For more information, visit our baghouse training website.


A provision in air district permit regulations that allows a facility to accumulate credits for reducing emissions beyond regulatory limits (emission reduction credits) and then use or sell those credits at a later date.

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

A vehicle that runs on electricity stored in batteries and has an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine. These vehicles also meet the requirements of the Zero Emission Vehicle Regulation.

Best Available Control Measure (BACM)

A term used to describe the "best" measures (according to U.S. EPA guidance) for controlling small or dispersed sources of particulate matter and other emissions from sources such as roadway dust, woodstoves and open burning.

Best Available Control Technology (BACT)

The most up-to-date methods, systems, techniques and production processes available to achieve the greatest feasible emission reductions for given regulated air pollutants and processes. BACT is a requirement of NSR (New Source Review) and PSD (Prevention of Significant Deterioration). For more information, visit our BACT website.

Best Available Retrofit Control Technology (BARCT)

An air emission limitation that applies to existing sources and is based on the maximum degree of reduction achievable, taking into account environmental, energy and economic impacts by each class or category of source. (See also Best Available Control Technology.)

Biogenic Source

Biological sources such as plants and animals that emit air pollutants such as volatile organic compounds. Examples of biogenic sources include animal management operations and oak and pine tree forests. (See also natural sources.)

Bulk Plant

An intermediate gasoline distribution facility where delivery of gasoline to and from the facility is solely by truck.

Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR)

An agency of the California Department of Consumer Affairs that manages the implementation of the motor vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Program. For more information, visit our the Smog Check website.

Burn Day

A day that is not officially determined by meteorologists and air quality managers to be a no-burn day. Burn days vary by air basin on any given day.