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Proposed Regulations and Upcoming Programs

Under the direction and authority of the California Legislature, the California Air Resources Board is tasked with developing and adopting the specific rules and regulations needed to achieve healthful air quality. This process is established by California law and is formally known as the Rulemaking process. This process ensures that all stakeholders and community voices are heard, and that all viable options for action have been considered. Only after prescribed periods of public notice, and open public hearings are held, is a measure adopted. The following are proposed regulations which may affect your fleets:

Heavy Duty Inspection and Maintenance (HDIM)
  • Legislative requirement of SB 210 to create an inspection program for on-road heavy-duty vehicles
  • Legislation placed requirements on vehicles:
    • Non-gasoline
    • Operating in California
    • Greater than 14,000 pounds GVWR
  • There are no additional workshops scheduled for this regulation. If you would like to review previous staff presentations and the draft regulatory language, it is available on the Meetings & Workshops page. Public comments can be submitted within the 45-day period before the proposed regulation is heard by the Board on the Comment Submittal page. This item is scheduled to go to the Board in December 2021.
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  • For more information visit the program website.

Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation

Off-Road Diesel Regulation Amendments
  • Proposed introduction of a backstop on old equipment
    • Begin by phasing out Tier 0 equipment
    • Continue phase out for T1 and T2 in subsequent years
  • Proposed extension of adding vehicle restrictions
    • Includes T3 and T4i
  • Potential changes to low-use provision
    • Includes elimination of Year-by-Year low-use option
  • Potential Board date: End of 2022
  • Next workshop date: TBD - 2021
  • For more information, visit the program webpage.

Zero-Emission Forklifts
  • Proposed regulation to accelerate adoption of zero-emission technology forklifts
    • Applies to California fleets
    • Diesel and LSI
  • Proposes potential phase-out schedule based on model year
  • Potential Board date: end of 2022
  • Next workshop: TBD
  • For more information, visit the program webpage.